Check In With The Stars: Your September 2018 Horoscope

Check In With The Stars: Your September 2018 HoroscopeCheck In With The Stars: Your September 2018 Horoscope

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August's intense eclipse and retrograde season has left many of us questioning life choices, and making major changes both emotionally and mentally, and in our day-to-day. After such a major shakeup, you can expect September to be a time of transition, transformation and consolidation.

It's time for us to process everything we want to adjust in our lives, shake off our feet, and get focused. It might take a little more grunt work than we're ready to accept, but if you were able to survive last month, your September 2018 horoscope assures you that you can sail through the next four weeks without any major hitches.

Want to know how to live your best life this month? Scroll to check out your September 2018 horoscope.

Check In With The Stars: Your September 2018 Horoscope

September’s going to bring in some major energetic vibes. If you’ve been feeling bored, blasé and bogged down these last couple of weeks, know that things are about to change. If you haven’t been proactive about giving your life a major makeover, you can expect the Universe to give you an abrupt jolt by the 27th

Amp up your energy by going for a bold, red lip. Nothing says power more than a sexy scarlet.


Been on the fence about your love life? September's sounding the alarm, Taurus! If you want to take a big risk, go ahead. Fortune favors the bold. But if your comfort zone is calling, be sure you can justify your reasons for sticking to what's familiar. There are no right or wrong answers—just know that the status quo is a no-go. Money matters are also begging for your attention this month. Stop putting them off.

We know you like nice things, but you don't have to break the bank to score a good outfit. Explore the sales, browse the pre-loved sales channels, and shop your own wardrobe.


Put your talent for words to good use by impressing the bigwigs at work, or wowing that hottie you've been flirting with over chat IRL. You're extra analytical this month, Gemini, so if there's anything that needs major planning and strategizing (whether that's scoring a bonus or masterminding a major solo trip), now's the time to get tactical.

Glow up before you start schmoozing and experiment with a mix of coral and orange on your cheeks.


It's time to get brutally truthful, Cancer. You've been doing a lot of compromising and sacrificing in your friendship circle and in romantic relationships, which is cool for your friends and partner, but for you? Not so much. As the Full Moon rolls in on the 24th, it's time to get real with self-care. Put yourself first. Know that it's okay to get angry. Practice compassion—especially for yourself.

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It's not every day we get slammed with huge life questions, but your September 2018 horoscope is practically begging you to ask: "Is this what I really want?" If you hesitate just a little bit, it's time to cough up some courage and start making tough calls. Getting a move on big changes by the first week of the month may yield transformative results as early as the 11th.

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Are you in relationship limbo and have been delaying the inevitable face-off with your partner? It's time to get talking, Virgo, because this month has your ability to negotiate and verbalize what you want at its prime. As Mercury opposes Neptune on the 13th, be wary of any grey areas in conversations that leave you feeling hot and bothered. If there ever was a time to DTR, now would be it.

Give your lashes some love this month and switch over to a new mascara.


Brace yourself for some relationship tension from the 8th to the 12th. Certain incompatibilities between you and a significant other may arise and your tendency to want to pacify things may have you on edge. Take preventative measures as the month kicks off. Try to iron things out with your boss, your partner, or your roommate before tempers flare up. Resist the urge to come off as needy.  

Give your limbs some lovely breathing room by switching from skinnies to wide-legged bottoms.


Surprise, Scorpio—you'll be walking on sunshine all month long. Luck is on your side this September so milk it for whatever it's worth. Party with the girls, book a spontaneous weekend trip with your partner, start that foreign language class you've always wanted to take. Fill your calendar up with high energy stuff and give yourself permission to drop any drama from your life.

Make a statement and score a piece of vintage jewellery to pull your look together.


Has recent relationship drama made you want to ghost someone? You may have been able to pull off the disappearing act before, but it's not doing you any favours, Sagittarius. Your September 2018 horoscope's asking you to woman up and show face, even when every bone in your body's begging you to take off. Have the difficult conversation. And the next time someone new rolls into your life, really ask yourself if you're ready to go all in.

Tone down the lip colour and stick to a light, neutral gloss instead. It'll feel good to go bare.


Love is never as regimented as you wish it could be—and that's a good thing for you, Capricorn. When someone sweeps you off your feet this month, do you think you could let your list of non-negotiables and to do's go just for once? Your September 2018 horoscope asks you to forget future plans and enjoy what you've got, for however long it lasts. Live a little. Let yourself be romanced.

Say bonjour to love with some messy French girl hair and smouldering eyes.

Check In With The Stars: Your September 2018 Horoscope

Mr. or Ms. Right not exactly living up to your ideal? Get used to it, Aquarius. If you continue setting your expectations way too high, you'll just find yourself disappointed—ALL. THE. TIME. By the 12th, you may start doing everything in your power to sabotage your relationship just to get out of this dilemma. Take a breath. Don't be difficult. Learn to compromise.

Sometimes, basic is best—even for you. Slip on a classic white top and jeans. You'll look fab.

Check In With The Stars: Your September 2018 Horoscope

If last month has run you to the ground, recovery is in store for you this month. Your September 2018 horoscope asks you to pencil in some downtime. Give yourself a break from toxic relationships. Alone time is better than being bogged down by unnecessary drama. Let Netflix run on loop. Slip on your comfiest pair of pajamas. Make solitary time sacred.

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