Here's The REAL Secret Behind Meghan Markle's Glowing Skin

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A top celebrity facialist spills the details on Ms. Markle's glow!

Meghan Markle is just gorgeous from head to toe. But if there's one thing that really stands out about her beauty, it has to be her flawless complexion. Do you want to know the secret to Meghan Markle's glowing skin?

Long before the American actress--best known for her role in the hit series Suits--joined the Royal family, she was known for her 'regal glow.' 

Whether it was her charming freckles or her easy smile, she seemed to look radiant whatever the occasion. Of course, it helps that she had a killer sense of style and gorgeous features.

Because she was effortlessly stunning, Meghan knew she didn't have to do much. She's always favoured light makeup that highlighted her natural features---and freckles

But being easygoing when it comes to style doesn't mean she takes the basics for granted!

When it comes to beauty and skincare, she has enlisted the help of some of the best in the industry to maintain her natural glow. One of these people is top celebrity facialist Nichola Joss of London, England. 

So what is the secret to Meghan Markle's glowing skin? One of them is reflexology for the face.

The Secret To Meghan Markle's Glowing Skin: Face Reflexology!

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Facial reflexology may seem like a cutting-edge beauty treatment, but it's actually been around for years. Like regular reflexology, it involves massaging certain pressure points of the face. This promotes blood circulation to relax the facial muscles.

This soothing practice has been known to improve health, lower stress, and promote better sleep. 

"The face has many reflexology and pressure points and when massaged correctly, they can reduce tension, give relief to migraines, and aid jaw clenching and grinding teeth," Joss explains to Vogue. "It also naturally lifts the face and adds volume to muscle tissue as well as adding bounce, radiance, and youth to skin tissue."

Give Yourself Facial Reflexology At Home For A Duchess Glow!

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Regularly massaging your face can improve muscle tone, blood circulation, and other vital processes that keep you looking fresh and well rested. And as a royal bonus, your skin will start to look as fresh as Meghan's!  

Similar to the rest of our body, our face is made up of dozens of muscles. These muscles also experience stress and need some TLC! And you can do it with a bit of massage using the following steps. 

  • Clean your face and hands first. Make sure to use cleanser or antibacterial soap. You can start massaging your face during this time actually!
  • Make it a part of your skincare routine. If you're too busy to do a facial massage after your nightly beauty routine, then combine the two! About two minutes of massaging your face upward can help smooth out lines and wrinkles. 
  • Choose the best products for your skin type. Since you're massaging them deep into your skin anyway, make sure the product is worth it! It could be a serum or oil that has proven effective or a night cream that you just love. 
  • Use other tools as well. Aside from your hands, you can use a metal roller to improve skin elasticity and circulation. 
  • Make sure to choose pressure that's right for you. If you're prone to acne breakouts, go for light touching and little pressure. Deep strokes are ideal if you want firmer skin.
  • To relieve puffy eyes, go for soft pressure. Remember not to massage your eye area too hard! Just roll gently using your ring finger from the tear ducts outward.
  • Remember these steps when giving yourself a massage! Press between brows and slide upwards on your forehead. Massage the centre of your face then work your way outwards. Massage your jawline up and down then go for vertical strokes from your collarbone and upward to the rest of the neck.

Though we don't know exactly what her entire routine is like, Joss has given us helpful hints. She shared the skin-care routine Markle swears by, with Vogue. And, advised that you do the same.

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In the morning, use facial cleansing oil, massaging outwards and upwards while cleansing. Then apply anti-ageing serum and day cream or oil.

In the early evening, it's time for a double cleanse. The first cleanse rids your skin of dirt and pollutants (oil-based cleansers), while the next deeply rejuvenates skin tissue (water-based cleansers).

Late in the evening, wind down with your go-to facial oil and massage your face for three to four minutes. Give some extra love to your jawline and if your cheekbones feel tense, work on them, too! 

Using your fingers, massage your nose and along your eyebrow. Then, follow the face massage mentioned above, but extend the last step all the way to your shoulders. 

After this, you'll be all set for your beauty rest. Who knows, just like Markle, your prince will be waiting just around the corner to sweep you off your feet when you wake up!

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