Revealed! K-pop celeb Taemin's secret to gorgeous eyes

Revealed! K-pop celeb Taemin's secret to gorgeous eyesRevealed! K-pop celeb Taemin's secret to gorgeous eyes

We are decoding Taemin's secret to gorgeous eyes and sharing tips on how you can emulate his innocent, clean and fresh makeup looks

Since his K-pop debut in 2008, Lee Tae-min aka Taemin has managed to snag a large fan following; thanks to a combination of killer singing chops and good looks. But it seems all this popularity hasn't affected him much and he still has an innocent charm about him, especially his eyes. So what's Taemin's secret to gorgeous eyes?

Well, it is most certainly his polished makeup looks that accentuate his eyes. So whether it is a simple brown eyeliner or almost-nude eyeshadow, his makeup looks never fail to impress and make him appear young and innocent. 

Taemin's Secret To Gorgeous Eyes

Scroll down to see what Taemin does differently that helps him maintain a polished look and how you can emulate the same. 

1. Brown Eyeliner

Your eye makeup can make or break your look. So take a cue from Taemin and stick to something as basic as an eyeliner. If you are a busy working professional, you probably already get ready in a rush.

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So on days when you absolutely cannot be bothered with an eyeshadow, a brown eyeliner can make your eyes look more awake and polished. And it will also enhance the colour of your brown, hazel and/or green eyes.

We recommend MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Fluidline Gel Eye Liner in Dipdown (SGD31).  

2. Nude Eyeshadow 

A nude eyeshadow adds warmth to the eyes and can also helps you take your look from day to night. It's practical and can easily become a working professional's go-to, making them well-put together without making too much effort. 

Take a cue from Taemin's nude shadow look here to get your inspiration. He has also added the same shadow on his lower lash line. We recommend you try the same if you want more symmetry in your eye look. 

You can try the LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar in Golden Rose (SGD38). It has two colour bars, one of which can act as a liner.

3. Smokey Eyes

Now some of you may argue that a smokey eye may not be the perfect bet, especially if you have hooded eyes or mono-lid. But have you seen Taemin's smokey eye looks? You don't have to worry about your hoods, as look as you are comfortable with a smokey eye. 

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Such a look doesn't necessarily have to be gaudy and you can always tone down the blackness by adding dark brown instead. This way it becomes work appropriate as well. 

We recommend the ZOEVA Caramel Melange Palette (SGD 39).

4. Lower Lash Liner

Adding a smudge of colour on your lower lash line gives the illusion of a bigger eye. But it works best if you also add a bit of colour on your upper lash line.

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We would recommend tight-lining your upper lash line and adding a liner to the lower lashes, just as he has done. This not only elongates the eyes but makes them appear wider and more open.  

We recommend you try Sephora Collection Eye Pencil To Go in Chocolate Brown (SGD 11).

5. Barely-there Eyeshadow

Taemin is also a fan of the barely-there eyeshadow look. This means while he wants the colour the show through, he may not like it to overpower his otherwise simple makeup and his radiant skin. 

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So a warm-toned eyeshadow can do the trick. We recommend NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Nude (SGD 12). You can simply smudge this chubby stick all over lids and be done with it. 

While most of his looks may come across as similar, almost all of them have a unique addition. Whether it is adding two tones or a lower lash liner or a just a simple nude shadow all over the lids. There sure is something for everybody to follow and we have SHINEE's wide-eyed maknae (youngest member) to thank. 

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