Skincare 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Using Sea Salt For Acne

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ICYMI, using salt facial for acne is all the rage right now and most beauty brands have already hopped on to the bandwagon

Forget everything you might have been told about how salt is bad for your body. Sure, eating salty food may make your face look puffy, but not so much when applied to your face. Intrigued already? ICYMI, using sea salt for acne is all the rage right now and most beauty brands have already hopped on to the bandwagon. 

Present in body scrubs and wave sprays, sea salt may not actually be a new ingredient in the beauty world after all. But you may be curious as to what a salt facial treatment entails. Basically, you will be treated by an aesthetician who will operate a unique microdermabrasion-like tool on your face while she rubs fine crystals of Himalayan salt all over you to eliminate dead skin. 

Even dermatologists approve of its suitability with acne or dull skin. Not convinced yet? Well, scroll down to explore the benefits of incorporating sea salt into your beauty routine.

How To Use Sea Salt For Acne 
1. Effective Exfoliation
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The first step is exfoliation of course, and salt inherent in body and face scrubs are an obvious choice. That's because they are a natural exfoliant that remove dead skin and brighten dull skin. Salt helps skin to appear visibly smoother and it also improves skin texture over time.

But you must be cautious when using seas salt for acne, especially as a scrub. Each particle is hard enough to cause abrasions, so be gentle with your skin. 

Try, Too Cool for School's Mineral Pink Salt Deep Cleansing Foam or the popular Ocean Salt Scrub from Lush, if you choose not to mix from scratch. Alternatively, the luxurious La Mer Replenishing Oil Exfoliator is great too.

You can also try salt facials if you wish to take it to the next level.

2. Deep Cleansing

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