Meet Roseanne Tang, Singapore's Foremost Influencer And Beautypreneur

Meet Roseanne Tang, Singapore's Foremost Influencer And BeautypreneurMeet Roseanne Tang, Singapore's Foremost Influencer And Beautypreneur

Roseanne Tang is not just a beauty blogger, but also a London-trained professional make-up artist who owns a make-up school, Bloom By Roseanne

You may know her as Roseanne Tang, Singapore's top notch beauty influencer. But did you know that Tang is a London-trained professional make-up artist who owns a make-up school, Bloom By Roseanne? Perhaps not! 

Well, now you do! 

Based in Singapore, the influential makeup artist is an avid social media user who loves sharing both: her professional and personal life. Her YouTube channel and Instagram accounts feature not just beauty reviews and tutorials, but also in-depth content spanning across business, personal development, and relationship.

Even though she still focuses a lot on beauty and makeup in her content, Tang comes across as a friend with her genuine and caring vibe, which undoubtedly has won her many fans.

The Well-Rounded Beauty Guru Roseanne Tang

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Beyond just a pretty face, the well-known Singapore beauty blogger has carved out a unique niche in the competitive beauty space with the creation of her business venture, Bloom By Roseanne. This, in addition to the fact that she is one of Singapore’s most recognisable beauty bloggers.

But before she ventured into beauty, she made sure she had the academic credentials to get her through life.

She completed her bachelor's degree at the University of Melbourne, while side hustling as the makeup and hair columnist at Meld Magazine.

Her passion for the beauty space sparked after she became obsessed with YouTube beauty videos as a teenager. Not soon after, Tang decided to pursue her passion by starting a blog and filming her own beauty videos. Being able to spread her message of self-empowerment through beauty with women around the world was her driving force.

To further hone her craft, she took a self-directed approach and taught herself skills like Photoshop, iMovie, and Final Cut outside makeup. Additionally, the beauty worked on her makeup artistry for three years, before leaving for London to get certified with her diploma in Fashion and Photographic Makeup.    

Today, Tang works professionally as a make-up artist who juggles between beauty blogging, multiple brand collaborations, managing her makeup school, as well as creating content for her more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers. In addition, she is also affiliated with notable beauty brands including Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, and Urban Decay.

With a personable and honest voice, it is no wonder Tang continues to attract fans easily with her relatable charm. The fact that she shares many tips and tricks with her fans is always an added bonus for them to continue to follow them. But if you haven't yet checked out her account and are wondering what these tricks might be, here are a few samples. 

Seven Tips By Roseanne Tang

Scroll on to pick up a few makeup tips from Tang that you can incorporate into your own daily routine!

1. Facial Care

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As part of her skincare routine, Tang uses the customisable Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light. With it she sculpts her face while the blue LED eliminates blemish-causing bacteria and soothes sensitive skin. It gives instant results, all just in 10 minutes!   

2. Skincare

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Another part of her skincare routine involves the Korean clinical brand AHC. She hydrates with the AHC Hyaluronic Toner by gently tapping it into the face to allow the moisture to soak in. Tang later locks in the moisture with the AHC Hydra B5 lotion, and finishes off with the AHC Real Eye Cream for Face. She says this magic toner + lotion combination gives her skin all the moisture and hydration it needs! 

3. Foundation

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Tang's favourite foundation of the moment is the Lancome Teint Miracle fluid foundation for medium to full coverage. It is known for skin protection and hydration, while still managing to look naturally radiant. 

4. Eyeliner

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Tang shares five Basic Eyeliner Hacks, of which one helps you to avoid oily eyelids by applying eye primer and a matte shadow first before the liner.

5. Eyeshadow

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Tangs also shared few eyeshadow hacks. One, and perhaps the most important, is to always correctly start at the outer edge and go inwards for darker eyeshadows.

6. Bronzer

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Tang shares that cream contouring with the Burberry Contour Pen works just as great as a bronzer. This way, it is easier because it glides smoothly and contours exactly wherever desired. It gets more specific than using a powder and it blends out well too. 

7. Lip

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Tang is loving two specific lip products, namely the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks and Ultra HD Lip Lacquers, with vivid colours that look and feel amazing on the lips.

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