Rihanna’s Journey To Becoming The Most Stylish Pop Star Is Also The Most Inspiring

Rihanna’s Journey To Becoming The Most Stylish Pop Star Is Also The Most Inspiring

“Don’t change who you are, never forget where you came from, and always stay humble.”

When I made my way into the cinema hall to watch Ocean’s 8, I didn’t know much about the story or its cast (yes, I’ve been living under a rock). All I knew was that it was a reboot of the older Ocean heist movies. 

As it turns out, I was right. The movie was about a group of women trying to steal a $150 million Cartier necklace–the Toussaint. Ans while all the characters were well-written and had a interesting backstory, there was one that particularly caught my attention. That was Nine Ball, a genius computer hacker.

In the movie, Nine Ball is always dressed in army jackets and jeans (a look I personally love). So it took me a few good minutes to convince myself that it really is Rihanna. I am so used to seeing her in glamorous avatars, after all!

Thankfully, I got to see that classic Rihanna look at one point in the movie. Towards the end of the movie, Nine Ball transforms into a fashionista during the supposed MET Gala.

Donning a red off-shoulder dress, she makes her way past the crowd (more like, escapes) in a red carpet-like look. Now, that’s the RiRi that I know.

rihanna's journey

Image courtesy: Ocean’s 8 and Rihanna’s Instagram account

Not because she slayed those dreadlocks in the movie. It’s because Nine Ball’s MET Gala transformation perfectly mirrors Rihanna’s journey to becoming the star she is today.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Rihanna’s Journey To The Top

We all know that Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Barbados (1988) into a middle-class family. Her father was an alcoholic and was addicted to crack. He often abused his wife and at some point, the young Rihanna became his target too.

But Riri had that fighting spirit all along and found solace in music. She discovered her love for it when she was seven. 

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do much about her dreams of becoming a singer at the time. She was pushed into work at 14 in order to provide for the family when her parents divorced. 

Still, the aspiring singer continued to croon.

One day, she and her friends auditioned for record producer Evan Rogers. Needless to say, she got a call and was flown all the way from Barbados to New York to record demo songs.

Her demo songs famously impressed Jay Z, who was the CEO of Def Jam Recordings.

rihanna's journey

Image courtesy: Rihanna’s Instagram account

And that is how Rihanna’s journey as a pop star started. She released hit songs one after another and bagged her first Grammy Award. And as we all know, the rest is history.  

But it’s how she used fashion as a way of expression that truly catapulted her to the mega star that she is today. 

Fashion Is A Way Of Expression For Rihanna 

To understand her meteoric rise in the world of fashion, we need to deep dive into her personal life. You may recall that back in 2009, Riri famously became a victim of domestic violence when her then boyfriend Chris Brown assaulted her in his car. Little did he know that he messed with the wrong girl. Rihanna fought back, and how. 

After the traumatic incident, she proved herself a fighter when she released songs about domestic violence.

Although she and Chris got back together, there came a point where she decided to end the relationship for good.

In an interview to Vanity Fair, she spoke about the domestic abuse that women, young girls, and even young boys go through. She said she believed that people should take the issue seriously.


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But in all this chaos, she seems to have reinvented herself through fashion. Often donning the most luxurious of brands, Rihanna uses her outfits as a way to express herself. When she is in a casual mood, she opts more a relaxed look.

When she feels boujee AF, you can see MET gala-ish outfits making headlines. Not to forget, her tattoos are also a reflection of who she is, what she has gone through and what she chooses to remember. 

Rihanna’s journey is a tough one but inspiring. She is truly a queen not only because of her powerful and versatile voice, but also because she inspires us to be confident no matter what we’ve been through or how we look.

And just in case you are now looking through your Instagram trying to check out her latest, hottest and most boujee looks, worry not, we have a special treat for you. Scroll down to see two of the best Riri MET Gala outfits! 

Rihanna: An Icon of Fashion, Beauty, and Girl Power

She has slayed every MET Gala look, serving us some kick-ass looks and make that’s on-point. Her 2015 MET Gala imperial yellow gown by Chinese designer Guo Pei made her look more like the queen she is!


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Of course, she did not let us down this year when she stole the spotlight at the MET Gala yet again. This time, the queen wore a John Galliano dress and finished the look with a bishop’s hat.


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She’s not just a conquerer in the fashion department, she is also killing it with her super inclusive makeup line, FENTY BEAUTY. She has been particular in including products that cater to women of all colour and ethnicity.

Now if that isn’t called taking over the world, what is!

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