You Will Not Want To Miss This Rihanna X Louis Vuitton Collaboration!

You Will Not Want To Miss This Rihanna X Louis Vuitton Collaboration!You Will Not Want To Miss This Rihanna X Louis Vuitton Collaboration!

Wait! Hold the phone! The Rihanna Louis Vuitton collaboration might just be happening as you read this!

If reports are to be believed, Rihanna will be working with Louis Vuitton owner LVMH to launch a new fashion label from scratch. 

A true multi-hyphenate talent with substance and style, musician and businesswoman Rihanna literally seems to turn anything she touches into gold. As has been proven by her recent successful ventures.

Her past collaborations with Puma and own brands, Fenty Beauty and lingerie line Savage x Fenty, have all shown that she is not only a crazily talented creative branding visionary, but also a smart and savvy business individual.

Rihanna Louis Vuitton Collaboration To Be A Smash Hit

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The news of the collaboration or a potential luxury brand launch made headlines after Riri was spotted wearing a 'mystery' pair of oversized Fenty-branded square sunglasses. Her pictures led to her fans believing that she was soon going to launch her own luxe brand. Another milestone for her brand Fenty, might we add. 

Incidentally, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the parent company that owns Dior, Givenchy, and Fendi, are reportedly happy to back her up as they look to develop a luxury fashion brand together.

Sources reportedly told WWD that LVMH "has already handpicked a clutch of employees from within, including some from Louis Vuitton and Celine, to work on the project in tandem with Rihanna and some of her key associates." 

If this brand launches under LVMH's guidance, it will make Rihanna the first female designer of colour at the helm of world's largest luxury fashion conglomerate.  

So far, neither sides have commented, but rumours are rife that a launch is inevitable and near. The good news is that despite the lack of details at the moment, the collaboration will truly mark a landmark moment in high fashion, and possibly Rihanna's fashion career.

Why Riri Is The Perfect Choice To Head A Luxe Brand 

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Building a new fashion label from scratch is a tall order. And, asking a non-designer celebrity to come on board might have been a risk, but not in Rihanna's case. 

As one of the reigning artists of today, she has not allowed her lack of formal fashion training deter her from chasing her fashionable dreams. As a proven disrupter in her own right, teaming up with a legendary brand only makes sense.

At a time where celebrity, influencers, and social media are redefining the power dynamic between consumers and brands, the collaboration between LVMH and Rihanna further shows how the barrier has entirely broken down. All with the indomitable elite fashion walls, with brands everywhere evolving the way they connect to their audience.

With an increasing awareness of the lack of diversity inherent in the fashion industry, it is no wonder that LVMH sees the potential in cross pollinating with Rihanna.

After all, she brings her love of inclusion and representation over. Along with her influential platform and voice as an artist and a woman of colour.

As business savvy as she is, Rihanna has been able to maintain all her social media platforms and weave all her public activities into one enduring personal brand. Not planning to abandon any of them, her various outlets for expression have complemented one another and somehow translated into an even stronger personal identity.

Rihanna: The Brightest Star Of The Fashion Industry 

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Slowly and steadily, Rihanna has earned her stripes through fashion and beauty ventures over the past few years. Her initial foray into fashion started with her 2013 debut clothing collaboration with British brand River Island at London Fashion Week. This paved the way for her to make her place in the cut-throat fashion industry.

This was followed by her stint as the creative director of Puma. And now, the wild success of her more recent undertakings, Fenty Beauty and lingerie line Savage x Fenty, have surpassed expectations. 

Plus, the fact that brands want Riri to endorse their clothes, but she doesn't have to be their ambassador says a lot about her status.

Scroll down to see how Riri's raked up the fashion and beauty industry in the recent past. 

1. Fenty Beauty Has Been Pushing The Envelope Since 2017

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Rihanna collaborated with LVMH for Fenty Beauty through the conglomerate’s Kendo 'brand incubator.'

The brand has noticeably continued to soar ever since it launched in September 2017.

She followed up with launching the makeup brand’s 50-shade foundation range, catering to fans and women of colour traditionally ignored by the cosmetics industry. 

2. Savage x Fenty Is Bringing Inclusivity To Fashion Shores

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Breaking out of the mould once again, Savage x Fenty, the lingerie line Rihanna launched in 2018, was also received well. The line consisted of a range of 'nude' shades for its underwear as well as an exhaustive plus-size range.

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The pop star has always been transparent with her full involvement with all of her own brands. She does not believe in being detached and separated from the business venture.

“I have 100 percent involvement in this process, which is what makes this so special and very fun. I have so much creative freedom from products to packaging, and that’s really the only way this brand will stay true to my vision for it,” Rihanna told Time during the debut of Fenty Beauty.

Thus proving that she is not just another celebrity lending her name to a brand.

3. Fenty X Puma Established Her As A Bonafide Innovator

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Many may not know that Rihanna is no overnight success. Even before all these string of groundbreaking successes, Rihanna was a well-respected fashion influencer among insiders.

She previously partnered with Puma as creative director on a sportswear line, and her huge influence as a superstar resulted in a huge demand for the slides and footwear she designed. The brand has only continued to experience massive growth since her involvement.

While many questions about the Rihanna Louis Vuitton collaboration remain unanswered one thing is clear. Sources have told WWD that the new Rihanna Louis Vuitton will include clothing, accessories, as well as leather goods. Although a collection could be expected later in the year, the exact launch remains uncertain.

Watch this space to get all the deets on this fashionable Rihanna Louis Vuitton collaboration. 

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