Hold Up — Are Rihanna And Donald Glover Making A Movie Together?

Hold Up — Are Rihanna And Donald Glover Making A Movie Together?

We barely know anything about the project, but we already know it's gonna knock our socks off.

Rihanna may have had a rough start as an actress (Does anyone else remember the travesty that was Battleship? Just me? Ok then.), but her performance in Ocean's Eight showed us just how much she can shine on the silver screen. But get this: according to the buzz around the interwebs, we can expect a Rihanna and Donald Glover movie very soon.

Yup, Riri and actor-slash-writer-slash-comedian-slash-musician Donald Glover. Together. In one project.

What a time to be alive.

But wait, let's backtrack. We don't actually know if it's a movie, as not a lot of details have been released to the public yet. It could be a music video or a TV show or a visual album... who knows?

Here's what we do know about the Rihanna and Donald Glover movie. (That might not even be a movie.)

1. It's being shot in Cuba.

Rihanna was spotted in Cuba together with Donald Glover, and the internet has, quite understandably, gone cray.

Cuban publication Vistar reports that there was filming in busy places like the textile factory in the Alamar municipality and the Abreu Fontan Social Circle in Miramar.

2. It's called Guava Island.

What's it about? Why Cuba? Nobody really knows, and it's driving us nuts.

3. "This is America" director Hiro Murai and choreographer Sherrie Silver are involved.

So are Atlanta writer Ibra Ake and cinematographer Christian Sprenger, as well as British actors Nonso Anozie (Game of Thrones) and Letitia Wright (Black Panther). 


this mechanic shop was a whole mood.

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4. Though we're not sure if Guava Island is a movie, most signs point to a movie.

As IndieWire has pointed out, Murai and Sprenger have been in Cuba from June and July. Even the most high-production music video doesn't need that much preparation, so we're betting on a movie. Or at the very least, a visual album a la Lemonade.

And even though we barely know anything about this project, with this much talent involved, we know it's gonna knock our socks off.