These Fashion Influencers Are Putting A New Spin On Retro Looks

These Fashion Influencers Are Putting A New Spin On Retro Looks

If you've been scrolling through your Instagram feed in the hopes of finding some style inspiration, we suggest you take a look at these fashionistas

Unless you've been living under a rock you'd probably know that retro looks have taken over Instagram this year. From fashion bloggers to YouTubers, everybody seems to have found their inspiration in yesteryear fashion and we're loving their spin on all things vintage (and retro).

But we do have to admit, there were a few fashion bloggers in a particular who caught our attention. Their retro looks are apt for a modern-day Boss girl who loves to play dress up but also means business at the same time.

Add Boujee Retro Looks Into Your Wardrobe This Year

If you've been scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours in the hope of finding some style inspiration, we suggest you take a look at these badass fashionistas. 

1. Cosplay with Elliot Miranda 

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This famous Filipino cosplayer (she cosplayed Agent Peggy Carter from Captain America) is making waves on Instagram, thanks to her colourful vintage feed. Elliot, who goes by her first name has been making waves for her quirky style and inspiring many other to follow suit. 

2. Retro punk with Margaret Zhang 

This 24-year-old started her career as a fashion blogger and quickly rose to fame with her quirky fashion sense, which we might add is a great inspo for some retro looks.  

3. Embrace the polka dots with Aimee Song 

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Polka dots and retro are almost synonymous with each other. And if you haven't added some into your wardrobe, then its time you get on with it. For some retro inspiration, how about taking a sneak peek at fashion blogger Aimee Song's style files.  

4. Try retro glam the Nora way

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If being a PhD wasn't enough, this Londoner also has another feather in her cap and that is her vintage and retro style. Her Instagram page is filled with some awesome style inspirations. 

5. Total retro babe vibes by Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

If you really want  to go retro, even with your pictures you have to check out this Instagram feed. It's retro, punk and classy all at the same time and somehow this combination works like magic. This Los Angeles-based blogger should be your style guru if classic retro is your thing!

6. Take your retro chic inspo from Chriselle Lim

Whites and pastels, stripes and checks, sound familiar? This might be the only patterns and colours n your wardrobe and if they are then your style is quite similar to fashion blogger Chriselle Lim. This mum-of-two knows how to work the trends and can be tour go-to if retro casual is your mantra. 

7. Retro office chic with Wendy Nguyen

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If you are quite feminine in your dressing, modest even, then go follow Wendy's lookbook on Instagram. Her style is fresh and trendy and can be a great inspiration mood board for young fashionistas who are beginning to learn more about themselves. 

No matter who you choose to follow or how you decided to dress yourself, the only things that truly matters is for you to be you! 

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Deepshikha Punj