7 Reasons You Should Start Using Water Cleansers To Remove Makeup

7 Reasons You Should Start Using Water Cleansers To Remove Makeup

Have you ever tried to remove makeup with water cleanser? If you haven't then you should. Here are seven good reasons, in case you needed convincing.

When you get home from a busy day, the only thing you want to do is to get into your PJs, grab a snack and settle down for your much needed Netflix fix. If you’re feeling up for it, you might just squeeze in a shower and dab a bit of cold cream to remove some of your makeup. But one of the things you might overlook is to remove makeup with water cleanser… and your skin will thank us for telling you why you should be doing this!

What is a water-based cleanser?

A water-based cleanser is formulated to rid your skin off sweat and dirt. They can either be foaming-or non-foaming.

While many prefer oil-based cleansers to remove makeup and other impurities like sebum and sunscreen, more and more are swearing by water-based cleansers as well!

7 Reasons water-based cleansers are good for your skin

Before we dive into the benefits of water-based cleansers, it’s important to give props to oil-based cleansers, too! They are after all, a great partner to water-based cleansers. Both makeup-removing cleansers help wash away the day (and makeup gunk) from your face, leaving it clean, fresh, and rehydrated for a luxurious beauty rest.

The Korean school of beauty teaches us the power of the double cleanse. The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser to wash away sebum, sunscreen, and other oil-based impurities. 

The next step is to use a water cleanser. Then you can be sure that any leftover makeup, sweat and dirt will be zapped. Talk about a super deep cleanse!

Even if water and oil don’t really mix, when it comes to skincare, they can work hand-in-hand.

remove makeup with water cleanser

To remove makeup with water cleanser means giving your skin the care and pampering it needs! | image source: shutterstock

Just in case you need more convincing, here’s why it’s important to add water-based cleansers to your beauty routine.

1. Water-based cleansers are gentle

Basically, cleansers—both oil and water-based—are gentler alternatives to soap. This protects your skin from drying, making sure it retains its natural moisture.

2. They clean skin thoroughly

Like we said, water-based cleansers finish the job oil-based cleansers start! So you can be sure you’ll have a thorough facial wash experience and a soothing deep clean.

3. Water-based cleansers prevent acne 

When day-old makeup seeps into your skin (ick, right?) it stimulates harmful gunk (or what is known as free radicals). Washing with water-based cleansers can help lessen the chances of acne breakouts.

4. They prevent clogged pores

In the same way that it keeps you acne-free, water-based cleansers clear your pores. When dead skin, dirt and other impurities pile up inside your pores, then you’re more prone to blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples.

5. They let your skin breathe

Even if you’re not the type who gets breakouts easily (lucky you!), your skin still needs a breather. Just like the way you need to recover after a long hard day of work.

6. Water-based cleansers give your skin a reboot

Once the water cleanser draws out water-based impurities your skin begins to feel rejuvenated. This is especially important if you wear makeup every single day.

Just imagine this: if you don’t cleanse properly, then residue builds up. By the end of the week, you’ll have about five layers of unwashed makeup on your face!

7. They leave you feeling fresh and relaxed

Finally, a thorough cleanse leaves you feeling refreshed. No matter how your day was, you can start prepping for the next day even before you go to bed. Caring for your skin can be a soothing experience too!

How to remove makeup with water cleanser?

The important thing to remember is not to scrub the water cleanser too hard into your skin. Use gentle patting motion and massage it into your skin. This way you ensure that you get the most out of your cleanser.

Let it rest for a minute or two, then wash it off by splashing your face with water. Take note, though, that some cleansers don’t require rinsing. Then pat your face dry using a soft, clean towel. And voila! You’re all set for bed.

5 awesome water-based cleansers you should try

Unsure where to start? Here are some water-based cleansers to try!

1. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water ($S15.90)

This effective cleanser draws out oil, dirt, and makeup in a gentle way. It hydrates and prevents dry skin as well. 

2. Lancome Bi-Facil (S$48.00)

This light, effective makeup remover manages to wash off waterproof makeup as well. Martha Stewart Living’s beauty director Melissa Goldstein tells Today that this is her current go-to product to remove those long-lasting lipsticks. 

3. Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleaning + Makeup Remover (S$10.79)

This all-natural product works as both a facial wash and makeup remover. It washes impurities away, while leaving your skin’s natural moisture intact. So what you get is super soft, fresh-feeling skin. 

4. Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser (S$ 9.00)

This foaming makeup-removing cleanser has a super creamy texture. But like the other recommended cleansers on this list, it can draw out impurities deep within the skin. It’s also effective in removing makeup and sunscreen. 

5. Clarins Water Comfort One-step Cleanser (S$50.00)

If you don’t have time to rinse and just want to remove light makeup, this cleanser can do the trick! It’s foam-free and fuss-free.

Take note that even though these cleansers have been effective for many, that it’s still best to consult a dermatologist before switching to any new product.

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Bianchi Mendoza