How To Deal With A Split According To Your Zodiac Sign

How To Deal With A Split According To Your Zodiac SignHow To Deal With A Split According To Your Zodiac Sign

Deal with that sticky breakup the best way possible with some relationship breakup advice from the stars.

Relationships are tough enough to work through, even more so when you’re trying to figure out how to end things the best, cleanest, most pain-free way possible. Whether you’re instigating the separation or are on the receiving end of very bad news (sorry, sister!), it can help to know a thing or two about your ex or soon to be ex’s zodiac sign. If anything, it can provide you with a game plan that’ll help you hold it together—well enough so you still look like a winner.

Look up your ex’s birthday and get some breakup pain management tips from the planets.


Brace yourself for some extreme vitriol. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the god of war, which may very well explain why their resentment seems to arise from a bottomless pit. Aries will have a laundry list accounting everything you’ve done wrong in the relationship and will throw each item to your face, no problem. Take it—all of it—like a champ, admit what you did wrong, and give them the sorry they want to hear.


The ex most likely to make arrangements about The Returning of Things and the division of shared property, Taurus is mostly concerned about breaking things off in the most practical way possible. Never mind the emotions and pain and anguish involved—they’d rather tackle the business of breaking up. It’ll be in your best interest to notstay friends with Taurus. They’ll most likely keep bringing up the fact that you used to be together.


Get your guard up if you’re on the receiving end of a breakup from Gemini. They’ll have you confused, splitting up with you one second, then wanting to still be best friends after. If you can’t draw the line between friendship and romantic love, which is probably the case right after you split ways, then it’s best to stay away. If the breakup comes from you, however, you can expect pretty sincere goodwill from your ex. Good for you.


Rejection is one of Cancer’s biggest enemies and will determine how the breakup ensues. If you both called it quits, then expect you and your Cancer ex to walk away from each other without too much surface level drama. If Cancer ended the relationship, you can walk away quietly too. But if you dealt the rejection, be ready deal with a ton of resentment—not just from Cancer but from their entire support group too.


If you feel that your breakup with Leo is going to be a long drawn out stream of drama, drama and more drama, you can breathe a sigh of relief right now. Leo is more concerned about moving on than threshing up all the ugliness of a breakup. If they’re feeling generous towards you, they may even extend an olive branch. For the most part though, it’s Bye, Feliciaand See you neveryou’ll be hearing from your ex.


Being in a relationship with a Virgo will school you in the many ways they like to maintain a neat, clean and organized life. This is exactly the Virgo approach to a breakup too—clinical, cold and as outwardly unfeeling as possible. The most emotion you’re going to get is irritation and annoyance, which you probably won’t have to deal with for too long anyway, as Virgo will want to end contact immediately.


The stars send you luck if you’re trying to break up with a Libra, because just as you’re set and solved to end the relationship, they’re going to bring their A game, making it very difficult to push through. If you’re able to stand your ground and circumvent all of Libra’s reasons whyyou should stay together then good on you. That said, if the breakup is coming from a Libra, they’re going to do it easy peasy, like it’s not even a problem.


Put your armour on! Navigating a breakup with a Scorpio is like battling it out in enemy lines in a killer RPG war game. Scorpios will pull all stops when it comes to punishing you—whether they’re the ones doing the breaking up or you are. Revenge looks good on them and they know it. Move with absolute caution and use your discretion wisely. Some Scorpios deserve retaliation while others just need to be left alone.


The most diplomatic of all signs (even beating out Libra), Sagittarius will want to keep things friendly, nice, respectful, and ultra-polite, even in the midst of a breakup that threshes up some painful baggage. If you’re non-confrontational, you’re going to have to battle your demons because Sagittarius will want a face-to-face conversation to end things properly. You can forget about breaking up with them through a text message or an email or even on FaceTime. Own up to your decision, Sag won’t bite.


Do right by Capricorn and don’t make things ugly when ending a relationship with them. One of the most responsible signs in the zodiac, Capricorn will make sure that their relationships end on an overall goodnote—so good that they may probably even extend friendship (they’re not just saying it to be nice, they actually mean it). The worst thing you can do to a Capricorn during a breakup is involve dirty mudslinging. Keep it clean.


When Aquarius moves on, they mean it. There’s no turning back for these drifters, and if you even try to win back an Aquarius ex who’s broken up with you, you’re just asking for trouble (btw, you’re never going to get what you want). If they’re on the receiving end of a breakup, Aquarius will drop you and live as though you never existed (ouch). Masters of the rebound, their short attention span will leave you in the dust.

How To Deal With A Split According To Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces is going to try their best to negotiate and will, not even deliberately, extend the breakup period so it lasts as long as possible before finally giving in and admitting it’s over. If you’re doing the breaking up, stand your ground—Pisces is going to want to swim against the tide, so to speak. If you’re on the receiving end of Pisces, try not to let their wishy-washy decision making mess with your head. Call it if you have to.

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