Red Flags To Watch Out For When Dating A New Guy, According To His Zodiac Sign

Red Flags To Watch Out For When Dating A New Guy, According To His Zodiac SignRed Flags To Watch Out For When Dating A New Guy, According To His Zodiac Sign

Are you and your new man star-crossed lovers or are you fated for happily ever after?

Before you swipe right on that potential date, check in on these red flags of dating.

Are you keen to get your love life going? Listen to the stars for these warning signs, and save yourself from cosmic mishaps. The red flags of dating are there to keep you alert and aware so that you can curb bad behaviour even before you take your relationship up a notch.


If you think the rise of the Soft Bro has all but eliminated your Basic Bro (see “The Hangover” if you need a reference), the Aries dude will prove you wrong. You may like it when he takes initiative on the first date—deciding where to go, what to order, what time he’ll pick you up. Three dates down the line though, the domineering, take-charge attitude will ultimately turn you off. This guy’s guy needs a feminist wake up call.


Taurus folk are notorious for their practicality… which is probably the trait you’re looking for if you want to make a match that lasts. His pragmatism, however, can turn into a huge downer when all your best-laid plans for fun, exciting, (dare we say) spontaneous dates are given the thumbs down because they defy his rules (and boy, does he have many of them). There’s no arguing with this stubborn bull.


This multi-faceted superstar of the zodiac is well known for his different faces. You’ll be enamoured by his ability to switch roles—the brilliant conversationalist when you introduce him to your friends, the creative genius when he’s out to impress your parents. His sense of humour is one of a kind… when he chooses to expose it in between switching from one personality to the next in split second increments.


Highly sensitive and vulnerable, Cancers are a departure from the Basic Bros (see Aries) you’ve been privy to for most of your dating life. You like it when a man can feel things and wear his heart on his sleeve. That’s until you realize emotions are all he’s about and recognise the red flags of dating. Not the best thing, when all you’re looking for is to unwind with your partner, watching a Chuck Norris action flick, chugging down an ice cold beer with some leftover pizza.


Does the thought of a public proposal terrify you? You’ll probably do well staying away from a Leo. A sucker for the spotlight, Leo thrives on attention. He’ll love you up like no other partner you’ve had before—and this may thrill you to bits in the beginning. But what you don’t see coming is that he demands the 24/7 attention right back. If you’re not ready for that kind of hot and heavy, shift your gaze to someone else.


Virgo pays attention to details. He’ll pick out the bits and bobs you casually mention on your first date and bring them up the next time you talk, making you feel special. But fast forward six months later, and he’s still picking at the details—but instead of him noticing the fine way your hair falls on your shoulders, he’s pointing out the perpetual creases in your clothes, the way your teeth are stained, and your tendency to start sentences with “um.” This obsession with tiny, insignificant nothings won’t go away.


In the pursuit of a well-balanced life, Libra relentlessly relies on his analytical prowess. His constant pursuit of all things right and just is noble. It’s also exhausting to bear the brunt of all the “What ifs” going on in that peculiar head of his. "What if… We don’t work out? …I end up not being attracted to you? …We don’t like the food in the restaurant we picked out?" Tell him to can it, then walk away.


Drama is all well and good—when you’re caught in a Netflix marathon of your favourite will-they-or-won’t-they flicks. Scorpio is an expert at taking all that heat, intense passion, and mystery out into the real world, leaving all questions unanswered and all endings open. Chances are, his brooding air will get exhausting after a week or two, and all you’ll have to do as a last resort is to get yourself a therapist.


Spontaneous, impulsive, adventurous Sagittarius may charm you with his irresistible smirk and sparkly eyes in the beginning. He’s exactly the type who’ll whisk you away on a weekend holiday bungee jumping or skydiving. It’s all exciting and well in the beginning, but imagine keeping up with this YOLO frame of mind all day, every day? Exhausting. If you find quiet time comforting, this dude may not be the one for you.


You know that Capricorn’s in it for the long haul because he takes dating seriously. Never one to go on a Tinder binge, this one’s swiping right on you because he’s determined to get into a Next Level relationship. You’ll feel seen and respected. And you’ll also feel the heaping pressure of someone who’s so focused on making it work that he sucks all the fun out of flirting.


This weirdo is deep, complex, profound—and he knows it. He wants to push boundaries, defy convention—which is great if you’re Steve Jobs, wanting to revolutionize the tech world. But he’ll push and push harder until everyone else is out of their comfort zone—hanging on to dear life. He’ll tell you that you’re special and it’ll make you feel you’re on top of the world. But that's only until you find out his “unconventional” belief system has him telling the other six ladies he’s also dating the exact same thing.

Red Flags To Watch Out For When Dating A New Guy, According To His Zodiac Sign

Pisces connects to the spiritual world like a moth to a flame. Sometimes, you want to be with someone who’s sensitive, worldly, and can wind himself up like a pretzel in a yoga class. You’ll be able to commune with your Pisces through astral projection and by raising your Kundalini energy together by chanting, but when it comes to making actual plans, about an actual relationship? If these red flags of dating really bother you, you’re better off with someone more down to earth.

Have you spotted any of these red flags of dating in your guy?

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