No Curfew, No Problem: Rock And Roll Parenting By Raimund Marasigan

No Curfew, No Problem: Rock And Roll Parenting By Raimund MarasiganNo Curfew, No Problem: Rock And Roll Parenting By Raimund Marasigan

How does one of the biggest rockstars in the Philippines parent his teenage daughter? Raimund Marasigan gets real about fatherhood.

Dads and daughters. The dynamic of this relationship will forever be one that cannot be analyzed enough, just as those with sons and mothers. Whole mythologies and psychoanalysis theories have been sold and bought just trying to examine and understand the magic behind the relationships. What makes a good dad and what makes a dad, or any parent, cool?

Raimund Marasigan is basically the Philippines’ answer to the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. The man was in The Eraserheads, one of the most iconic groups

in the 90s who are known as the modern-day answer to the Beatles for most Filipinos of a certain generation. To this day, their songs are getting airplay and are endlessly being redone and remixed by others, as if they were released just a few years ago, when in truth, the band broke up nearly two decades ago.

Marasigan now plays the drums for the band Cambio (an Eraserheads spinoff), synth for Pedicab, bass for the three-piece Gaijin, and is most notably now the frontman for another superband, Sandwich. He has his own hiphop outfit, Squid 9, and the electro-rap group Assembly Generals, which he plays the drums for. Just going through the list of his acts makes one's eyes water, and knowing that these acts sometimes play all in the same night is mind-boggling.

So this man of seemingly endless talent and pure love for music, what else does he do? He produces. He’s produced several noteworthy albums for bands across the Philippines and is doing his part to ensure that the fabric of the Philippine music scene is as groovy as any one of his beats, and working just as well.

But his greatest creation is something outside of his music. Raimund is possibly the coolest father to a young lady coming into her own — Atari Kim Academia, who he co-parents with Myrene Academia (herself a notable bassist in the Philippines and one of the most influential rock radio DJs in Manila history).

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How has becoming a dad changed you?

Becoming a father has changed me in so many ways. It gave me purpose, aim and given me daily challenges.

Do you think your music has changed or been enhanced from becoming a dad?

I don’t think the music has changed directly from being a dad, but working harder to provide is an inspiration.

What's Atari up to these days?

She's a freshman in the University of the Philippines.

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What do you do to try and make your daughter feel empowered?

I’m teaching her everything I know, which she may or may not use for her own needs. Everything from sports, music, art and other random bits of knowledge I’ve picked up along my journey.

Did having a daughter change the way you deal with women?

I’ve never always been a good example as a man but I’ve been trying to be better. I mean with or without a daughter.

What is the hobbies that you guys share, if any?

At a very early age, as my parents did to us, I taught her important life skills like swimming, biking, martial arts, skating, and table tennis. We try to do any of these hobbies whenever possible.

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What do you love most about Atari?

I love that she is her own self and very passionate about her interests.

What lessons has she inadvertently taught you?

To be more caring. And to be more woke!

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As a rockstar dad, what are some lessons you'd want her to remember?

First, I’m never a rockstar dad. I’m always goofy dad to my kid. I’m always telling her something daily, here are a few things:

  • Sleep is important.
  • Don’t succumb to FOMO, there will be other great parties.
  • Greeting people good morning or good evening is a great ice breaker.
  • Gratitude is important.
  • Work hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s free (my dad said that).
  • And many more random things HAHAHA!

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As one of the pioneers in the Philippine music scene, it would be rational to assume that you've seen some things in your time, amazing and bad. Based on your experience, how would you help your daughter get through the bad that is out there? 

We live in Manila so through the years I taught her to be street smart, how to be aware of her surroundings, how to blend in when necessary. How to commute and drive. How to spot shady people. How to take care of friends.

I taught her loyalty, to never snitch. Who to call when she gets in trouble. How to fight. When not to fight. When to run. Always bring extra clothes. Sleep over a friend’s house when it gets too late.

She can call me any time of the night, I pick her up, no questions.

What does she think about you being one of the coolest musicians in the Philippines?

Her titos and titas [uncles and aunts] are the coolest people in the world. I’m just dada.

What do you wish for her and her future?

My wish is for her to be happy on her journey.


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Did you write any songs for her? Which ones? 

“Nahuhulog” by Sandwich. She was a baby and she was standing on the bed and I said,  “Anak ingat ka baka ka mahulog [be careful, you might fall]”.

By the way, she has no restrictions and no curfew. So far it’s ok.

Why no restrictions and no curfew? What goes on behind that thinking, in the age of helicopter parenting?

My folks were kinda strict on us growing up, but when we went to college in Manila, we were given the same amount of freedom. It made my siblings and I more responsible and more aware of facing consequences from our decisions. We didn’t turn out too bad haha!

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She seems to be doing just as well, and whatever else Raimund may say, he still is pretty cool to us. 

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