Exclusive! Singapore's TOP Influencer Preetipls Reveals What It Takes To Be #1

Exclusive! Singapore's TOP Influencer Preetipls Reveals What It Takes To Be #1

The 24-year-old Preeti Nair aka Preetipls talks all about living the professional millennial life, her funny rap videos and her take on body positivity

Preeti Nair aka Preetipls is not your average social media influencer. She doesn't boast of elaborate makeup tutorials, or DIYs. Nor does she do any unboxing. This 24-year-old millennial has another talent up her sleeves—her razor-sharp wit and larger-than-life personality. 

With over 18k+ following on Instagram, Preetipls is a local Internet sensation. This, all thanks to her funny parodies and rap videos, where she skewers everything, from arranged marriages, to Chinese New Year, to makeup tutorials, and even social media influencers.

Nair explores every subject; and sometimes even makes videos with her equally-talented brother Subhas. Most importantly, she uses her platform and position to spread relevant messages to impressionable youngsters and fellow millennials. 

HerStyleAsia spoke exclusively to this Ngee Ann Poly mass communication graduate about her rise to fame, life as a professional millennial, and her new single, OORU.  

How Preeti Nair Became Preetipls 

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HSA: Who is Preetipls? 

PP: Hi I’m Preetipls, Singapore’s TOP everything! Haha well the real name is Preeti Nair, I’m 24 and I’ve always loved comedy and my career happened by accident.

HSA: When did you start your journey as a social media influencer and why did you choose this career? 

PP: I felt really strongly about a video I saw online (influencer Saffron Sharpe’s Fashion Polis) and decided to make a parody of it. It went viral overnight and I realised it got people discussing the issue at hand and also getting a good laugh out of it. This very moment made me realise that through humour, we could start really important discussions that we really needed to have in Singapore. 

HSA: What message do you wish to share with your followers?

PP: I sure hope it makes them chuckle and also definitely spark discussions on important/difficult topics which eventually helps them become more self aware of their actions and words.

HSA: Would you like to continue being a social media influencer for as long as you can? Where do you want to go from here? 

PP: Well it’d be pretty impressive if I knew what my plans were tomorrow so I don’t have a concrete long term plan - I just wanna keep doing what I do and evolving along the way. For example, I started 2018 the same way and I would have never expected myself to be a part of one of SG’s largest stand up comedy show lineups (Happy Ever Laughter 2018), or to even put out my own original music! So let’s see what else I manage to do in 2019 haha

HSA: How did you family respond when you told them of your career choice? 

PP: “Get a real job!” hahah just kidding, they have always been really supportive of me! Then again maybe I just didn’t explain what I was doing well enough...

"Playing The Over Exaggerated Version Of Myself, Preetipls, Online Has Helped Me A Lot With My Self Confidence For Sure"

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HSA: What do your personal thoughts on social media?

PP: I definitely do see the pros and cons of being on it and I did get cyberbullied when I was younger so trust me - it gives me great joy to have made this my career and to use it for good.

HSA: Do you think this is a good career choice? 

PP: Personally yes, playing the over exaggerated version of myself, Preetipls, online has helped me a lot with my self confidence for sure. 

HSA: How do you deal with negative criticism online? Does it affect you? 

PP: It used to affect me a lot but now I just focus more of my energy on what makes me happy and the people who appreciate the content I put out, instead of the occasional haters who just seem to be so affected by the fact that I’m not a size 0.

HSA: Did you know that you have inadvertently become a body positivity champion for many Singaporean girls and boys? How do you feel about this?

PP: If seeing me do what I do - is helping anyone at all feel better about themselves or if it’s helping them feel encouraged/motivated and even comfortable in their own skin, then I must admit that that’s an amazing feeling. 

HSA: What does body positive mean to you? Is there a message you want to share on your socials or you are always yourself?

PP: I believe that being body positive is saying a huge GOODBYE to unrealistic beauty standards and learning to love yourself no matter how you look. It took me a long time to but I finally can say I love how I look, THICC and all. 

HSA: Can somebody really be their real self on social media?

PP: I feel like I am a ridiculously exaggerated version of myself online, so yes you can! I mean we all have out off days but I like the fact that I feel comfortable enough to share a certain extent of my life online - eg. in May when my dog passed away.

I put out several messages on my socials talking about it, explaining what happened throughout the months when she fell ill.

This turned out to be a really helpful way for me to cope with my loss and also to help someone else cope if they were going the same thing. I truly appreciate the fans who took the time to share their pet stories with me and also share their love for me in that tough time. 

HSA: We often see these picture-perfect girls, with their six-pack abs and it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on millennials. What's your take on it?

PP: All I can say to everyone who feels the need to look or simply BE like those girls they see online, please give yourself more credit and be yourself - you do you.

HSA: What's the best past about being an influencer? 

PP: The ability to actually influence and use your platform for good.

Social Media Influencer And Endorsements, A Fine Line 

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HSA: Social media is also a great tool to share information about new launches etc. So when you endorse a product, what's your vision? Does money matter?  

PP: As much as no one really likes talking about Money - it’s what keeps food on the table and a roof above my head so yes, Money definitely does matter. This only becomes an issue when Money is the ONLY reason people do what they do. 

HSA: There is ongoing debate on social media about the balance between trust and money making. What's your take on it? 

PP: I think research should always be done on brands before blindly working with any client who waves money before you. Eg. if it’s a beauty product - test it out before saying everything in the brief. All influencers need to realise they actually have some form of influence - so they can’t just be saying anything and everything they are paid to say because you don’t want a 12 year old to believe that she has to drink some detox tea because it’s gonna make her look like you.

HSA: What kind of following do you have- demographically? And do you receive messages from them about how much you've influenced their purchasing power?

PP: My followers are 70% female and mainly from the 25-34 age range. It’s pretty cool cos I know I have extremely young followers.

I think the youngest one I have interacted with online was 11-years-old and my oldest follower - I’m not sure about exact age but probably in the 60s (usually my fans’/friends’ parents or actually MY OWN parents haha).

This is really interesting to me and yes I read my DMs whenever I can and I swear my followers say the darndest things.

HSA: What's your message to those who think influencers go on free trips and it isn't really benefiting the consumers? What's your take on this recent social media debate? 

I think this really depends on a brand, their brand values and if it’s aligned with the influencers etc. For example, in 2018, I had the opportunity to head to Japan with my mother all thanks to Klook - with the campaign concept (my mom had to plan the trip which was a surprise itinerary for me) and the actual usage of Klook throughout the trip - I think this ended up being really useful for viewers back home.

You Do You, Really: Preetipls

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HSA: Who do you consider your idols?

PP: I do have a couple of my favourite comedians - Kat Dennings, Mindy Paling, Seth Rogen, Trevor Noah to name a few!

HSA: You are an icon for many girls, what's your take on body positivity? Why should we talk about it more?

PP: I think it’s a lot of coming to terms with yourself and loving yourself. Once you do that, this conversation can move to the next level and you can have it with someone else who needs a little reassurance.

HSA: How can girls become more self-aware and learn to love themselves? What's your advice to them?

PP: It’s definitely a difficult process but it’s a lot of focusing on the things you love about yourself, instead of the things you aren’t really happy with. Eventually you’re gonna find so many other reasons why you’re amazing just the way you are - wow did this just become a Bruno Mars song?

HSA: Do you see the landscape of social media becoming more inclusive and accepting? If so, how. If not, what can be done? 

PP: As much as we see all the hate and negativity spread online, there is the other end of the spectrum with people trying so hard to spread nothing but good vibes and love on the same exact platform as well. I think these conversations need to keep going for more progress to be made, so people need to know their one single voice always matters.

HSA: What message would you like to share with your followers, about life and body positivity in general?  

PP: You do you, really.

Preetipls On Singapore’s TOP Album

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HSA: Please tell us about THICC and your upcoming album. And any other work that you'd like to share about.

PP: I just dropped a song with rapper (& brother), Subhas. It’s called OORU, out on all streaming sites and my music video is out everywhere as well I am planning on dropping the rest of the album in 2019, it’s called - Singapore’s TOP Album.

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Deepshikha Punj