5 Popular Korean Beauty Shows All Beauty Junkies Must Watch

5 Popular Korean Beauty Shows All Beauty Junkies Must Watch5 Popular Korean Beauty Shows All Beauty Junkies Must Watch

You don't need subtitles to watch these popular Korean beauty shows that cover every aspect of beauty, fashion and style in short episodes.

You may have seen a lot of soap operas and reality shows on fashion and grooming. But nothing could compare to these popular Korean beauty shows.  

With a special focus on skincare, these K-dramas were packed with information on latest trends in beauty and fashion. So much so that they quickly rose to become the most sought after shows for the fashionably-conscious millennials.

Even though most of them do not air on the telly anymore, they’re still a beauty junkie’s go-to.

5 Popular Korean Beauty Shows You Must Watch

So to make things easier for you so you don’t have to look them up online, we’ve curated a non-exhaustive list of some of the most popular Korean beauty shows. Worry, not. They don’t need subtitles and are perfect for all international viewers. 

#1 Sweet 20s 달콤청춘 / insiteTV

This 10-episode web series all about beauty tips and hacks and is centred around its female lead Yooha (Hwang Seung-eon). Each short episode documents Yooha’s life where she shares useful quick tips on everyday makeup. 

Popular Korean Beauty Shows

Image courtesy: 달콤청춘video teaser on YouTube

The storyline is simple and easy-to-follow and by the end of each episode you are left wanting more. We recommend this show simply for its easy-to-follow makeup tips, clean storyline and short episodes. It’s almost like a real-life beauty school with a little bit of drama. 

Besides Sweet 20s, the insiteTV channel also runs a few other beauty and fashion shows such as the Girls’ Wiki (a show where K-pop girl group Rainbow share their makeup tips). 

#2 Beauty Bible 

This popular Korean beauty show is all about beauty editors getting together to review products and latest beauty trends. With each episode centered around a different theme, the hosts/ beauty editors try out different beauty regimes and services.   

Popular Korean Beauty Shows

Image courtesy: KBS World TV Official Webpage

Beauty Bible is usually divided into five segments: beauty, hair, makeup and trends. And, they have a special segment on latest international trends as well.

All in all, this is a great show for somebody who likes to keep themselves abreast with the latest in fashion and beauty. Although the show is not in the making anymore, the hosts do share some classic styling tips. That is why we recommend you give this show a go. 

#3 Get It Beauty

This is perhaps one of the most popular Korean beauty shows. And if you happen to be subscribed to Channel M, you probably already watch this and are waiting for the 2018 season

Popular Korean Beauty Shows

Image courtesy: Soompi Website

Get it Beauty covers various topics on beauty and makeup and experts share their best tips and tricks to ace a flawless look. This show is so popular that products featured on go off the shelf in no time.

For instance, the Guérisson Horse Oil Cream that was featured on one of its episodes became one of Korea’s best-selling products. We recommend this show for its expert tips and the fabulous chemistry between the hosts. 

#4  K Style/ Mnet

Although this show no longer airs on the telly, it is still a must-watch for all beauty-obsessed millennials. The show revolves around two BFFs who share Korean trends in beauty and style. It’s also a fabulous show for those who may be interested to know a bit more about Korea. 

Popular Korean Beauty Shows

Image courtesy: KStyleTV YouTube Page

This cute and fresh show features beauty and style, as well as covers K-pop, Korean food, culture, food and travel tips. We recommend this show for its fresh look at the Korean pop culture and its handy tips on all things fashion and style. 

#5 Beautioloy 101

A K-beauty school educated its students on the science, technology, history and marketing of makeup and teaches them some savvy beauty tips and secrets forms the premise of the famous K-drama Beautiology 101 by OnStyle

Popular Korean Beauty Shows

Image courtesy: Screengrab/ YouTube

The story of this unique show revolves around Bongju Lee. Played by Ji-eun Han, Lee is a 20-year-old skincare enthusiast and facialist who enrolls herself at the K-Beauty School. The drama follows her life into the world of beauty. 

We recommend this show for beauty enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for hacks and tips. 

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Deepshikha Punj