New! Hot Topic Launches Polly Pocket Makeup and Accessories Collection

New! Hot Topic Launches Polly Pocket Makeup and Accessories CollectionNew! Hot Topic Launches Polly Pocket Makeup and Accessories Collection

Polly Pocket makeup and accessories collection is dropping on Hot Topic today!

If you're a 90's kid who loved her Polly Pocket purses, you just got a big reason to rejoice! Mattel just gave its blessings to polly pocket makeup collaboration withe-commerce site Hot Topic. The 17-piece Polly Pocket makeup range will be launched next week and might just quickly a hot favourite among millennials. 

The Hot Topic x Polly Pocket makeup collection is reportedly to celebrate Polly Pocket’s 30th anniversary (yup! she turns 30). It will feature 17 different products, all inspired by the iconic doll. The collection will include makeup products, a mini backpack, wallets, and pins, with a price range from $2 to $40.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Hot Topic is launching an adorable collaboration. It previously launched collections with Beauty and the Beast, Sailor Moon, and Cartoon Network. However, this launch is even more special given the 30th celebratory mark. 

Fans excited for the launch will be able to get their hands on the collection at and in Hot Topic (online and offline) stores starting January 16th.   

Polly Pocket Makeup Launched After Polly Pocket Lime Crime Makeup

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The 17-piece Polly Pocket makeup range will also include accessories in addition to beauty products. Although you should know that a full list of the products is yet to be released.

So far, it has been announced that the collection will consist of a colourful eye shadow palette with 10 pastel shades. As well as a mirrored lip palette with four shades of pink, all complete with Polly makeup brushes (yay!).

Other non-makeup items in the collection include a pink logo cap and a cute portable hairbrush, among a range of clothes and accessories. 

Incidentally, this is not the only makeup collab that got people crazy interested. 

Other Cool Makeup Launches

Besides the Hot Topic x Polly Pocket collection, there have been other recent funky beauty collabs teaming up with childhood classics that awakened the inner child in all of us. 

Scroll down to see the five that got all the 90s beauty junkies excited!

1. Sephora x Barbie

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As part of a limited edition makeup kit set, beauty retailer Sephora partnered with Barbie back in March to launch the Sephora Collection x Barbie. It has an 80s-style boombox, which carries must-haves such as mascara and liner, as well as an exclusive Barbie cap.

2. Colorpop X Disney

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Beauty label Colorpop Cosmetics must be fans of Disney, as they formed a collaboration with a 19-piece Disney Designer Collection comprising of eyeshadows, lip colours and highlighters.

What stands out are the creative ways in which the products are named after classic Disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and The Little Mermaid.

3. The Creme Shop X Hello Kitty

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All-time favourite Japanese cartoon character, Hello Kitty, collaborated with beauty brand The Creme Shop to unveil an eight-piece skincare line. It contains beauty essentials such as sheet masks and lip balms, among others. In addition, further future collaborations will be expected from the duo.

4. Innisfree X Snoopy

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One of the most unlikely collaboration happened with Korean beauty brand Innisfree and comic strip star Snoopy of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. This was a limited-edition Innisfree X Snoopy makeup collection consisting of fun beauty collectibles like palette cases and tinted lip creams.

5. Hot Topic X Nickelodeon

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The retailer Hot Topic formed a retro-themed makeup collaboration creating a notebook-shaped eyeshadow palette taking after the 1990s chick flick, Clueless. Inspired by the movie, it brings back nostalgia with the Totally Buggin palette offering 12 vibrant shades in matte and shimmery finishes. 

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