Overcooked: The Underrated Video Game All Couples Should Be Playing!

Overcooked: The Underrated Video Game All Couples Should Be Playing!Overcooked: The Underrated Video Game All Couples Should Be Playing!

Every aspect of your bond with your partner will be tested in this game. So keep it together and try not die of laughter. Or break-up.

Being in a relationship is a serious thing.

It requires commitment, planning, teamwork, communication, care and sometimes, conflict. 

But why wait for life to play out and test you on the above mentioned qualities of your relationship?

Play Overcooked video game instead. It is really all you need to have crazy fun and learn a lot about your partner in the mix.

Fair warning, this game is way addictive. Also, you may be tempted to set each other on fire if that burger isn't assembled fast enough.

But hang in there, the end is worth it!

Play Overcooked video game: a skills test for lovebirds

Overcooked is a co-op game that is set in the kitchens. You and your partner are chefs, tasked with cooking and preparing meals for service. This includes making burgers, pizza, fish and chips or burritos. You're cooking against the clock.

There's an interesting storyline with an Onion King and his dog who set you off on a mission to defeat the Peckening: a monster with a voracious appetite and needs constant feeding.

The game difficulty increases as you advance. Along the way you'll face multiple obstacles like moving stoves, fire outbreaks, disappearing ingredients and  possibly cars running you over while you chop food. Sometimes, you accidentally drown in the sea.

Every aspect of your bond with your partner will be tested in this game. So keep it together and try not die of laughter. Or break-up.

1. You better stay together on this

So you are in for the long run. Playing Overcooked is definitely going to be a marathon and sprint all in one. 

Each level has it's own set of challenges. It is easy for you and your partner to get distracted, overrun or simply frustrated with the million things going on at the same time. Not to mention the clock that's ticking.

If you need a glimpse into how determined and perseverant you two might be in the face of obstacles, Overcooked will be quite eye-opening.

All relationships depend on your level of commitment to a common goal. Same goes for Overcooked. To win, you'll have to stick together and support each other all the way.

2. You'll have to master the art of communication

This cannot be taken lightly.

You will have to yell, speak up and talk a heck load to each other, whilst juggling a ton of other things. Communication is key as they say.

Play Overcooked video game and you'll find out just how good, or bad you and your partner are at being communicative.

The game requires you to ask for help, coordinate steps and direct action if you are going to successfully deliver that dish. In most relationships, we take talking for granted and fall into the dangerous trap of assumptions. You only think you know what your other is thinking.

This video game will not provide you the luxury of silence. Or if you do choose to remain so, you might find yourself or your partner struggling to keep up. Like when you need the lettuce brought to you and don't have time to get it yourself.

If anything Overcooked will teach you there is no such thing as being too clear about your needs.

3. You'll never reach the finish line alone

We mentioned earlier this is a co-op game that requires an incredible amount of well, cooperation. There will be a myriad of instances where you will have to take over, swap or multitask at a moment's notice. 

There is no such thing as individuality here. Play Overcooked video game and you'll quickly learn, it really takes two hands to clap. One may need to chop food while the other, prepares the pizza base for example.

If anything this game will nurture if not improve on your couple's collaboration skills. Sometimes, you make even need to compromise that meat on the stove and help your partner with washing the dishes. 

If you're looking to find out how well the two of your will weather a storm together as a team, you should definitely get yourself onboard with Overcooked.

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4. You can never get tired of planning ahead

In every relationship there is so much to look forward to.

To reach these dreams and goals, you need  great planning skills and possibly a road map. Things may not always turn out as expected, but at least you try to be prepared.

Same goes with playing Overcooked. Strategy and planning are a huge component to this game. The challenges are so wide and varied that a number of solutions should be tried and tested to obtain the desired results. 

Strategising can be anything from deciding when to change the direction of that conveyer belt or deciding who should cook what, to save time.

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In real life, planning is likely to form a big part of any relationship. Chances are if you're successful at doing so in Overcooked, you'll be set for a smooth sailing journey with you're loved one.

5. Thou shalt not murder your partner

Play Overcooked video game, and you might just fantasise about murder.

Conflict, is practically unavoidable. As in any good relationship.

This game will be an awful but extremely insightful glimpse into how you and your partner handle unpleasant situations.

Like when someone messes up an order and you hear the blaring horn of your points being minused off.

It will take the both of you a great deal of patience not to completely lose it and start pulling each other's hair. Especially when you were so close to making it.

The trick here is learning to put aside egoistic feelings and not let yourself or your partner be overcome by their feelings. Playing Overcooked will measure your capacity to remain calm, communicative and motivating towards each other, even when the kitchen is falling apart–literally.

In essence, for any married, starting out, long-term or interested parties out there, Overcooked 1 and 2 might be a great platform to reconnect, re-learn or discover a special person.

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This game really takes you to the next level, and it might just take your relationship to0.

Overcooked is available on PSP, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and online for PCs.




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