Piolo Pascual Dares Online Basher To A Fistfight After Being Called Gay

Piolo Pascual Dares Online Basher To A Fistfight After Being Called GayPiolo Pascual Dares Online Basher To A Fistfight After Being Called Gay

Piolo usually keeps his cool when facing these rumours, but this time was different...

It looks like Piolo Pascual has finally had it with people calling him and his son names. After an online basher called him and his son gay, the 42-year-old actor challenged him to a fistfight. Scroll on to read all about the Piolo Pascual basher incident.

The online altercation took place in the comments of one of Piolo's Instagram posts. Piolo had posted a photo of him and his 21-year-old son Iñigo at the finish line of a Sun Life-sponsored run.

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What happened on Instagram?

"Mag amang bakla haha," Instagram user Leovi Reyes, using the handle @superleovi, wrote in the comments.

Piolo replied with a challenge to a fistfight, writing: "Suntukan tayo!"

Piolo Pascual Dares Online Basher To A Fistfight After Being Called Gay

The basher didn't let up, and continued goading Piolo, asking the actor for the fistfight's location. Piolo replied, telling the netizen to name the place.

The troll even said that he was getting impatient waiting for Piolo's reply, and asked if they could have the fistfight in front of ABS-CBN. "Baka naman sumikat pako [I might even get famous]," he wrote.

Though Piolo's fans told the actor not to pay attention to the troll, this back-and-forth kept on going, until Pascual demanded that his basher would set his account to public so he could find him.

We don't know if this fistfight happened, but it's highly unlikely, as Piolo hasn't mentioned anything about the fight, and seems to have been busy with work events. And we get it — he's got better things to do than to deal with random haters.

Kris Aquino reacts to the Piolo Pascual basher incident

Piolo has long been hounded with rumours around his sexuality. He doesn't usually address these, but this attack struck a nerve, perhaps because it involved his son.

Kris Aquino weighed in on the online altercation, saying that she totally understood Piolo's reaction.

Piolo Pascual Dares Online Basher To A Fistfight After Being Called Gay

"We can take anything when insults are hurled at us but when our sons are unnecessarily involved... people seem to forget fame doesn't stop you from having human emotions, especially the natural instinct to protect your child regardless of the age of your son. "Because I identify — our sons grew up with parents who weren't together and weren't married, so we will do ALL to fill the void."

How to deal with trolls

What should you do when dealing with an online troll? Here are some tips from mental health organisation ReachOut.com.

1. Ignore them

Though we understand why Piolo reacted the way he did, waging war on internet trolls is extremely unproductive, as they thrive on attention. They enjoy it when you're angry or annoyed, so even though it feels like nothing would be more satisfying than to give them a taste of their own medicine, ignoring them is better for your sanity.

2. Take screenshots

If a troll starts saying things that could get them in trouble, take screenshots so that even if they go back and delete or edit their post, you have the receipts.

3. Report them

You don't have to engage with your troll to make a stand for yourself. Report the user and block them so they stop harassing you.

4. Log off

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your mental wellbeing is to step away from your screen and get back to the real world. This doesn't mean you should delete your social media accounts — this could be as simple as turning off your notifications for a certain app or post.

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