What Your Pimples Say About Your Body And Health

What Your Pimples Say About Your Body And HealthWhat Your Pimples Say About Your Body And Health

Only by knowing the breakout of pimples on face meaning, would you be able to banish these pesky, gunky, and unwanted guests

Argh, those nasty breakouts. You can cover them, control them, but you cannot run away from them. Not unless you know exactly why you are breaking out. Because honestly, only by knowing the breakout of pimples on face meaning, would you be able to banish those unwanted guests.

Your first clue is your lifestyle. Some of you may know that your skin reveals a lot about your body. This means you’re not just breaking out randomly. Its mostly got a lot to do with your well-being, what you eat and how you live.

So scroll down to find out what the different pimples on face meaning, and how you can prevent them from popping up again.

The REAL Pimples On Face Meaning: Why You Breakout 

1. Pimples Chin, Jawline, Or Neck

pimples on face meaning

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Your period may be causing breakouts on the bottom half of your face, from your chin to jawline, or even the neck area. With hormones such as testosterone fluctuating during the menstrual cycle, your body produces more sebum, ultimately clogging of pores and leading to zits.

In order to prevent this, there are some measures you can take, as you keep up your treatment the week before your period. A cleanser with an acne-fighting ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide should be used regularly while treating your neck, chin, jawline, and entire face, along with a leave-on treatment containing similar active ingredients. 

Meanwhile, consult a dermatologist for a prescription treatment like birth control pills or hormonal therapy to balance out your hormones and lessen risk of breakouts, for awful breakouts popping up at the same time monthly. 

2. Pimples On Nose Or Forehead

pimples on face meaning

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Simple, the reason pimples are appearing on your nose and forehead is due to stress. And the only solution to get rid of them is to calm your nerves.

You might want to keep stress away as you are triggering T-zone breakouts with your fight-or-flight stress responses. When you feel stressed out, breakouts happen as your adrenaline is released along with an increase of oil production.  

Before stress turns up at your door, remember to use a leave-on acne treatment to affected areas or just the entire face to be safe than sorry.

3. Pimples Along Your Hairline

Go easy on that hair product! Overloading on heavy-duty products such as pomades near your hairline will result in a greasy look.

To prevent pimples along your hairline, do not apply anywhere near your forehead, and clean hands after you are finished.

Scrub up to the roots when washing your face. Apply a daily toner around the hairline for additional assistance if the zits get out of hand.

4. Pimples on Your Cheeks

pimples on face meaning

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Your cheeks are popping zits due to your dirty phone or hands. Its best to avoid touching your face often because doing so for a long time will result in an overall increase of pore-clogging dirt or bacteria to the skin. 

This is probably too important not to repeat, but keep all hands off the face if you ever want to stop those pesky breakouts. Also, wipe your phone with antibacterial wipes daily, or go hands-free with a bluetooth headset.

5. Pimples Around Your Mouth

Look into your diet if zits are appearing around your mouth. Anything from acidic to greasy, fried foods can block pores, while causing skin irritation and inflammation.   

A facial cleansing wipe is great to prevent zits around the mouth as it helps eliminate invisible irritants in the area after eating.

6. Pimples on Your Chest and Back

pimples on face meaning

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This may be hard to believe, but your clothes could be the culprit when zits appear on your chest and back. Plus, exercising with cotton clothes may cause the skin to breed pimples, as acne-causing bacteria thrives in moist areas. Clearly, wearing the wrong outfit such as cotton fabrics soaks in sweat into your skin. 

A simple solution would be to don moisture-wicking fabrics when exercising instead, such as a polyester-spandex blend and microfibre. This reduces the risk of breaking out as sweat is whisked away from the skin. 

To deal with these pesky breakouts, apply over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent cream, salicylic acid 2 percent gel, and hydrocortisone 1 percent cream to lessen inflammation. Alternatively, consult your dermatologist for a prescription treatment for those with sensitive skin and those out of options.

Knowing the breakout of pimples on face meaning can prevent further zits from popping unannounced. It can also help you work on eliminating them just locally. Either way, as they say, prevention is better than cure. 

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