What You Can Do With Your Overflowing Personal Lipstick Collection!

What You Can Do With Your Overflowing Personal Lipstick Collection!

Here are nine ways to use all those lipsticks in your overflowing personal lipstick collection to make sure they won't go to waste!

Let's get one thing straight. If there's a part of your makeup collection you have more than enough of it would be your personal lipstick collection. I'm guilty of the same as well.

I gravitate towards the lipstick section like a bee hungry for pollen in a field of flowers (in this case, a new nude shade that I might already have). Sadly, I know I won't be able to use them all up because for one, a swipe of lipstick barely makes a dent in the tube. Plus, lipsticks only last for two years.

With the number of shades and brands and types of lipsticks I have in my personal lipstick collection, even a daily rotation will not result in a hollow tube of lipstick. I simply won't be able to finish them all up--such a waste of hard-earned cash. So, I have a proposal for you, why not get creative?

Maximise your lippies and use them in different ways. You'll be surprised how many things you can use them for--including ways that don't involve using them as makeup. Here's a list to show you how. 

1. Turn it into a blush or eyeshadow


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Yes, of course! These are the obvious ways to utilise your personal lipstick collection, any beauty girl knows that! Colour cosmetics have one thing in common--pigment. They come in different forms such as powders, liquids, and creams. So technically, you can use each product as you wish.

For your lipsticks to function as blush and eyeshadow, you can either use your hands, just pat and blend accordingly or use a stipple brush to build up product pigment according to your preference. 

2. Or an eyeliner


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If you have dark matte lipsticks or bright neon shade (for days you feel extra), use an angled eyeliner brush and wing away. Think of it as your cream or gel eyeliner on a stick. For longevity purposes, set it in place with an eyeshadow of the same shade or lightly pat a translucent setting powder over it. 

3. You can eve use it as under-eye colour corrector


This famous Pinterest hack works only if you use the right shade and if you use it with caution. Meaning, do not directly apply it to your face and do not use a bright red shade unless you want to blend under your eyes for an hour. (You've been warned.)

Opt for peachy shades and adjust the lightness or darkness according to your skin color. This works because peach cancels out the grey overcast and darkness. Once it dries apply your concealer over it, making sure you don't move the peach pigment underneath. I suggest you use patting motions. 

4. Use it as a tattoo cover up


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Amp the shade up a notch and you've got yourself a tattoo cover-up/corrector. A similar technique is applied. Dab on lipstick on the tattoed area, let it dry, dab on a full-coverage concealer and foundation, set it with powder and voila, an instant cover-up!

5. Try it as a lip gloss 


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Why add to your personal lipstick collection by buying another lipgloss when you can just slather coconut oil or vaseline on top of your current lipstick? That's instant gloss and shine without the hefty price tag. However, if it's Fenty Beauty's Lip Gloss we're talking about, I'll make a 20-dollar exception. 

6. Turn your lipsticks into highlight and contour sticks


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Lipstick-only-challenge, eh? None other than contour queen, Kim K, has done that! If you find the right shades, you can definitely contour and highlight with a lipstick.

This is best for your brownish, taupe shades, and concealer-like nude shades. Just apply straight from the bullet as you would your contour and highlight powders/creams (but not too much, of course) and blend with a sponge or stipple brush. If you have shimmery lipsticks, you can also use them to highlight the highest points of your face for a glowing look. 

7. How about using it as territory markers!


For this use the brightest lipstick shade you own and give your boo kiss on the neck to mark your territory. It works 99 percent of the time. You seal your notes with a kiss and put it somewhere he can see it. You know, just to remind him how sweet and great you are. 

8. Use it as a writing tool, because why not!


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Sometimes we just run out of pens, right? Well, your lipstick comes in a very pigmented shade that you can use to leave a flirty note on the mirror, on the table, or even on the fridge. How about, "A sweet surprise is waiting for you if you come home early tonight?" When he arrives, pop a cupcake out of the fridge and indulge in a dessert on a weekday. #cheatday

9. Ohh! That flatlay prop

In this world of social media, everything is an instant photoshoot. Show you're a true lipstick-blooded beauty gal by inserting your favourite lippies to your flatlays. It's also a nice way of showing off your personal lipstick collection bit by bit.

Now that you have nine other ways to use your lipstick, will you promise you won't add more to personal lipstick collection? I mean, let's all try, okay? As long you know your makeup won't go to waste, use it as you wish!

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