Is Sex Better On Your Period?

Is Sex Better On Your Period?Is Sex Better On Your Period?

You deserve to be loved at any stage of your ovulation cycle.

The short answer is yes, it can be.

The long answer involves shining light on important health facts, self-love and the best bit–period sex benefits.

Now ladies before you hike your skirts up and grab your partners, let's dive straight into it.

Warning: exciting times are definitely ahead.

Period sex benefits: Time to pull the stoppers

3 important health facts women need to know about period sex

1. Periods are no guarantee against pregnancy

Those little swimmers are nothing short of persistent and dedicated. Sperm, can survive up to five days in your uterus. If you're on your period and having sex towards the end of your cycle, your chances might still be great for a baby surprise. So keep in mind, the closer you are to your next phase of ovulation, the higher the chance of pregnancy when having sex.

If this is not your intent, it's best go at it early once your period starts. Remember ladies, if you aren't on birth control there is no shortage on your contraceptive options. Stock up on those condoms or use a diaphragm. Best way to stay not-pregnant is well, to not risk it.


2. Girl, you are not STD/STI proof on your period

We're not even sure Wonder Woman's shield would be invincible against this. Sexually transmitted diseases are a hard to ignore reality. Menstruating is one of many magical processes our bodies are capable of.

But don't push it girls, your period is no shield against diseases. Protection is non-negotiable. Keep safe and walk away if you feel your sexual partner isn't respecting your thoughts on it. Better safe than f*$#king sorry–pun intended.

3. Your menstrual blood isn't some maleficent fluid

For those of us acquainted with conservative or religious backgrounds we've heard it before: Don't have sex on your period else [insert horrible apocalyptic scenarios here]. Scientifically and biologically though the facts are sound. Women have nothing to worry about transferring infections to their partners during period sex. Unless there is already prior presence of infection or disease, you are all set to rock that bed and that lucky person.

It's important to check all the boxes on being health aware and risk conscious. Now for the fun, skipping on to the juicy parts of how women can enjoy period sex benefits.

Period sex benefits: Get on board

Women were made powerful they say. And no wonder since it's a lot of work bleeding 3-4 tablespoons per cycle. Why not have a little fun while all of that is going down? We've broken down 5 pointers on the how and why's of period sex being the best thing ever.

1. When pleasure overcomes pain

So you spend significant time crying out in pain when it's that time of the month. Your cramps to put it lightly, are killing you. How about crying out in pleasure instead? One effective way of achieving that is, you bet, sex.

Because of the endorphins released by our super orgasms, period sex can help alleviate pain from cramps blissfully. This is especially true for vaginally induced orgasms. Even certain PMS symptoms(like stress), won't put up much a fight against all those pleasure feels. So ladies, time for things to get steamy!


2. Keep on flowing

Some of us can't wait for those period days to either start already, or end faster. Well you are more than cordially invited to have sex. Orgasms are highly effective as speeding up your bleeding process.

Your period is basically made out of endometrial debris, which is expelled a lot faster with the help of our dear ol' orgasms. So, not only do you gain a great buzz, but you might notice a decrease in your period days to boot. What is not to love about this whole period sex benefits business?

3. Once you try period sex, it's hard to go back.

So it's that time of the and Ginuwine suddenly decides to remind you how horny you are. Something about riding a pony. Our hormones know just the right way to drive us nuts, or feel crazy good. Scientifically, why period sex feels so much better is largely due to the increase in oestrogen and testosterone levels in our body.

Our sex drive reaches its peak two weeks into our menstruation cycle and practically guarantees us a really turned on state. Almost makes us wish we could control the natural fluctuations of our hormones for 'selfish' interest! 

4. Indulge that slippery, fun slide of period sex benefits

Throw out the lubricant and hail your cool vagina. Why bother with expensive products when your period can ease you into it in a jiffy? When having sex during this time, your period will act as a natural lubricant. For all the women out there who struggle with being aroused or sufficiently lubricated, it's time to try period sex. There no need to be shy about a little extra "wetness". Thank your vagina!

Plenty of women claim to be feeling extra sensitive when having their period and easily stimulated. There's not much to keep you from having double the fun, even on period sex. Yes, it can get a little messy but hey, what's extra laundry against a really fun time?

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And if your partner ever so as hints at an "Ew" when you express your desires, please do yourself a favour and axe him(or her). You deserve to be loved equally, at any stage of your ovulation cycle. The time for ignorance and period shaming is so passé.

Having said that ladies, don't forget to listen to your bodies. Some of us aren't exactly chirpy when menstruating. Feeling down, irritable and plain not-in-the-mood are normal parts of how our bodies react during menstruations. Love yourself first. 

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Written by

Sabrena Jefri