Period and Menses: How to Change a Woman's Life With a Menstrual Cup

Period and Menses: How to Change a Woman's Life With a Menstrual Cup

So, how about switching your period products to an affordable, practical, comfy and toxic free alternative?

If anyone knows anything about a bloody mess, it's us women. 

It's bad enough that some period symptoms can make you feel like your ears are bleeding, when someone so much as sneezes too loudly. To top that, we also have to endure the whole sticky wet feeling that happens every month, for days. It's a pain in the vagina so to speak.

Many of us would kill(almost literally) to increase comfort and ease for ourselves during this time. Be it by satiating a hundred cravings, listening to a sexy playlist (horny much?), or doubling up on period leak security for a peaceful sleep.

Speaking of which, we're all familiar with the traditional forms of period wear such as pads and tampons. But if you haven't heard or tried alternatives like the menstrual cup, we need to get you up to speed!

Here's to some fun fact learning, and hopefully, turning your menstruation life around. 

Periods of periods, period

The pre-history of blood containment

Ever wondered how women centuries ago handled menstruation? Imagine a time where women around the world used rags, cotton wool, sheep's wool, grass, knitted pads and even rabbit fur to keep their blood flow under control.

Some stories go as far back as the fifth century where Hypatia of Alexandria was rumoured to have thrown her menstrual rag at an unwanted suitor. Not only a brilliant scholar, she's believed to be one of the earlier spear-headers of feminism in history.

Guys really, don't be a creep or some of us might be tempted to follow in Hypatia's footsteps.


The evolution of menstruation and period products

So apparently a few French nurses during the wars, decided they had no time to give their own bleeding a thought whilst busy trying to save lives: wood pulp bandages were used to stop excessive bleeding for their patients (and their own) effectively.

Unwittingly, these French nurses had found an ingenious method to fight an emergency for their patients, and for all of the women to come. Thus, Femme International notes that as early as 1888,  disposable pads were born for commercial purchase. They were called Southball pad.

Ironically, it was a man paved the way to women using tampons in the 1930's. You can imagine how popular they quickly turned out to be! The name 'Tampax' became as famous as 'Michael Jackson' to the women in that era.  Thanks to him, we can now be spared  the awful feeling of blood shooting down as soon as you get up. Well worthy of a discomfort-free celebratory dance.


Why your vagina deserves better period products

A bloody thirsty cup

Don't get it wrong, vaginas are really cool but every once or so in a month it can turn you into a bloodbath(just doing its incredible job). No one would fault us for wanting a little extra comfort. 

Enter menstrual cup.

A few words of caution though (just kidding). The menstrual cup is safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and just, well, the positive rant could go on.

WTF is it!

Call it liberation or salvation if you must. The idea of the our modern day menstrual cup was first patented by American actress Leona Chalmers in 1937. Made out of silicon, the cup is bell shaped and provides comfort proof protection on your bloodiest of days (it'll easily last up to 12 hours).

In a gist, you slip it in and forget about it for the day, letting it collect your blood–till you have to empty it. We know, this part takes a little getting around to. But here are some other facts you might want to consider before passing judgement. 

Period products: How about saving $100 a year (at least)?

Yes, you read that right. A woman spends an average of ten bucks a month on pads and tampons purchase. A menstrual cup is reusable for about ten years (depending on the brand you choose) and will cost you roughly fifty bucks for a one time buy.

The math really isn't hard. For perspective, that's $10 000 you could spend on well deserved vacation down the line. We don't know about you, but that sounds like great news.


What's the hook

For starters, we aren't kidding when we hail it as a game changer. Savings aside, once you get the hand of how to use it, there's no doubting the practicality and comfort of it. Practical, because as opposed to changing out pads and tampons, you will find it hard to fill a cup completely. It's amazing how women have the perception that they're bleeding out a gallon of blood a day until they realise the cup tells another tale. Perhaps the pads and tampons we're used to aren't as absorbent as we think or made to be. 

Comfort wise, it's undetectable once slipped in properly and the pressure in your body will hold it firmly in place. You can, run jump, swim and breakout a sweat without worry. It goes without saying that you'll sleep like a baby too! 

The Earth will thank you

We're sure no one wants to really think about what happens to all our used pads and tampons. But perhaps, in these environmentally fraught times, we should. Safe to say that menstrual cups are an environmentally friendlier option. Use it, sterilise it, reuse it: the cycle is as or more predictable that that of our own period at times.

So, that's why

Believe it or not menstrual cups are actually more hygienic than your average tampon or pad.  For one, as the blood drips and collects into the cup, so you stay fresh and won't have to walk in your own blood (if you're into pads). This also means that bacteria does not collect or stagnate in your most sensitive areas. Oh and should we mentioned that pads contain toxic chemicals? As for why it's better than tampons, here's a little something on toxic shock syndrome.

So, how about switching your period products to a n affordable, practical, comfy and toxic free alternative? 

As for options, there are myriad of menstrual cup brands to choose from out there, such as Freedom Cups, Lunette Cup, or the Diva Cup.

After everything you've read and all the converted women in the world, this may be how you get to trigger a life changing event. Don't hold back on it!

If you have periods... pay attention!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️This little thing has revolutionised the way I menstruate! This small, flexible piece of silicon (plastic free and recyclable) is reusable and will last for years! It saves hundreds of tampons and pads a year being thrown into landfill and polluting our waterways. Give a minute to think about how much waste you produce whilst on your period (3x tampons per day, 5 days, 12 periods= 180 waste tampons/applicators/plastic wrappers a year). We’ve ditched single use plastic, so why not ditch single use sanitary products? When boiled or sterilised it is entirely clean and easy to keep it that way! I have a #mooncup brand sanitary cup and it cost £18. Considering it will last me up to 5 years I’m saving at least £50. Not to mention it is portable and suitable for every day of your period. THIS IS NOT AN AD, im just a gal trying to advocate to others about how to improve their periods and reduce their impact on the world! If you have any questions feel free to ask me because that’s how I got the courage up to try it! It will change the way you approach your periods for the better. Peace out to all the women out there ❤️ #womenwhobleed #menstrualcup #bleedwithpride #plasticfree

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