How To Choose The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

How To Choose The Perfect Haircut For Your Face ShapeHow To Choose The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect haircut for your face!

The struggle of finding a perfect haircut for your face is real, ladies. Because it is more than just a few snips.

Your haircut frames your face and enhances your features. If it goes wrong, it could potentially draw attention to areas you would normally want to de-emphasise.  

So before you book your salon appointment, make sure to first determine your face shape. 

If you have an oval face, the width of your cheekbones and jaw will almost be equal. But if your face is round, it will be nearly as wide as it is long, and your forehead and jaw will curve slightly at the corners.

On the other hand, those with heart-shaped faces will have a wide brow or forehead area and narrow jaw. However, if the length and width of your face is almost equal, you could have a square face.

Perfect Haircut For Your Face

Now with the basics down, let’s move on to the real stuff, which is to identify the perfect haircut for your face- especially for the four common face shapes.

#1 Round face


The cut. You can try a gamine haircut with layers all over the crown of your head.

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Why it works. You are lucky enough to have soft rounded features and can easily pull off a spikey gamine. So if you go short, go all the way adding a few layers in the process. Unlike a pixie cut, the gamine will downplay the rounded features of your face and the layers will add length to your face and your overall height and even emphasises your eyes.

Pro tip. This length is perfect for those who have straight or slightly wavy hair. For those with curly hair, we advise you to stay away lest you like the poodle cut.  

How to style. Styling short hair is quite easy. You can straighten your hair and remove any waves you see and add a bit of texture spray or gel to emphasise the layers and give your crown some volume.


The cut. You can go for choppy and unkempt looking medium length that is slightly above the shoulders.

Why it works. Such a haircut can minimise the roundness of your face and the choppy layers would no longer draw the eye to the roundness. In addition, if you choose a side-parting, that will also help draw the attention away from your rounded jaw.

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Pro tip. When you create a side-parting make sure that the first piece of the hair falls directly on one of the eyes.

How to style it. You can add some texture and beachy waves to it with a texture spray or curl them if you so please.


The cut. Try a cut with minimum layers that fall directly on the sides of the jaw, covering its curves.

Why it works. Long and staggered hair adds volume to your hair and not your face, thereby making it seem smaller in the process. Also the thin ends take the volume away from the jaw and draw the eye towards the end, which is where you should draw the attention.

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Pro tip. With this long staggering hairstyle you can rest easy because the long layers will prevent any ballooning around the cheek area but still be voluminous enough to prevent your hair from looking stringy.

How to style it. If you have poker straight hair, add volume to the crown with some textured beachy wave spray or add a few soft curls. If you hair is naturally wavy, leave it be.  

#2 Heart shape


The cut. You can try a pixie that is clean and snipped from the sides and tapers down at the back, with short layers at the crown.

Why it works. A tousled pixie cut can easily cancel out a strong jaw and the multiple choppy layers work to de-emphasise the largeness of the forehead.

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Pro tip. If your hair is thick or curly, make sure to as the hair stylist to chop into it and decrease the denseness. A top-heavy look can easily exaggerate your jawline.  

How to style it. Use a texture spray to add some spikes to your pixie cut. You can play with how you would like to style each strand- whether on one side or criss-crossed. Try to keep the strands upwards.


The cut. Go for medium hair length with sweeping bangs with uniform layers and ends that touch the collarbone.

Why it works. The sweeping bangs de-emphasise the broad forehead and even a strong pointy jaw, while the uniform layers balance the face. This is the perfect haircut for your face if you want to bring the focus to your eyes. 

Pro tip. This is the perfect hairstyle if you have slightly wavy or straight hair. However, if you have curly hair, you may have to soften the curls or straighten the hair to reduce volume at the crown.   

How to style it. Use your hair dryer to add soft curls and a slight volume to the top so it doesn’t just fall flat. This will ensure a full-bodied look.


The cut. You can try long hair with longer layers and even a fringe.

Why it works. Women with heart-shaped faces can pull of a long-layered haircut with ease. It will work even better if you have one layer right at the end of your jaw so a little attention is drawn to that area making your face look thinner.  

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Pro tip. This look is also quite fuss-free and easy to pull off. You can choose a side parting or a middle parting and let the hair fall down on its own.

How to style it. Let your hair dry naturally so your natural waves set it automatically or you can even straighten it will a bit of volume on the crown using some textured spray.

#3 Long or Oval  


The cut. The short for a woman with an oval face is just above the shoulder. So a bob or a lob could suit your well.

Why it works. Oval face shape is generally considered the best in the beauty industry since one can style any cut. So if you opt for a shorter cut, you can add a few layers to frame your jaw.

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Pro tip. Your guiding factor can be a hairstyle that is most convenient to you. This particular length is fuss-free and easy to manage.

How to style it. Since you have opted for a blunt, you can add soft beachy waves with centre-parting.


The cut. Again, you can opt for a blunt with not necessarily many layers, perhaps a few to frame the jaw. Think Kate Middleton!

Why it works. The ghost-layers that prevent the cut from looking too blunt frame the face nicely but more importantly have an elongating effect on the face.

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Pro tip. If you have curly or wavy hair, you’re in luck because you automatically get the volume. However, if it poker straight you might want to add ghost layers at the bottom to make sure the hair looks  abit voluminous.

How to style it. You can add a bit of volume to the crown with some texture hair spray or blow dry them.


The cut. You can try a cut with long strands and a sweeping fringe for more personality.

Why it works. You can already pull off just about any hairstyle and if you are a fan of the long hair this one is perfect. A sweeping fringe can make a visibly long face slightly short. It essentially removes several inches off your face.

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Pro tip. You can keep the hair long with some curls but make sure that the fringe starts from the centre of the forehead.

How to style it. The most fashionable way to style your long hair is to go retro. Add some textured waves with a long-barrel curling rod and blow dry your fringe to a tee.

#4 Square face


The cut. You can try a short bob with a few layers towards the end and even some bangs.

Why it works. This particular hairstyle works well for somebody with a square face because it draws attention to the forehead and specifically the cheekbones and takes the eyes away from a strong jaw.

Pro tip. If you have dense hair then they could stick out adding more volume to the crown. So make sure you flat iron them.

How to style it. This kind of cut allows you to style it the way you like it, it’s also quite fuss-free. In fact, you can even add highlights to your hair to draw the attention to your cheekbones.


The cut. You can try a light-layered shoulder-length cut with sweeping bangs that fall on the sides of your eye.

Why it works. Your feathery layers or ghost layers can camouflage the strong jaw. If you do opt for medium hair-length make sure to part your hair sideways to offset the squareness of your face.

Pro tip. Opt for feathery or ghost layers as they will soften your facial features. Try to avoid absolute straight blunts. If you do, you must add some softness towards the ends.  

How to style it. Adding a wavy texture to the hair will soften the face and the squareness and make your features look more delicate.


The cut. You can try a collarbone-skimming length with some side-swept bangs that fall on your cheekbones.

Why it works. While your long locks will be the envy of many, if it’s too blunt at the end it will look flat. In order to add some personality feather them towards the end. And ask your hairstylist to ass soft layers throughout the hair. That gets rid of any straight angles and softens your facial features. This is the perfect haircut for your face. 

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Pro tip. If you have thin straight hair, you should ideally minimise the layers.

How to style it. Add waves to your hair to add softness to the face and since you won’t have many layers, using a thick barrelled curling iron would give you really soft retro waves.

Remember that this is simply a basic guide to get you started. You don’t necessarily have to stick to it. However, these pro tips for a perfect haircut for your face are to help you emphasise your best features.    

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