PSA: The Perfect Butt Is A Myth And Your Body Is Beautiful Just As It Is

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The perfect butt is a myth, especially in this world of social media where everyone only puts their best foot forward.

The perfect butt is a myth, especially in this world of social media where everyone only puts their best foot forward. There are a whole bunch of dedicated filters, themes, angles and blur tools to help one  'beautify' their photographs. 

Sadly, these tools give users the opportunity to project a false idea of themselves. What's worse is that it also gives the idea that everything should be 'Instagram worthy and picture-perfect. If it's not then it's apparently not even worth posting!

This idea of perfection is everywhere. You see it in ads, Youtube videos, in an influencer's Instagram post, and even in your mum's Facebook post. And more often than not what you're looking at is probably altered in one way or another, yet you accept it as it is.

This is even more prolific on Instagram--especially when it comes to fitness bloggers and Instagrammers. You see them with super toned legs, a thigh gap, protruding collar bones, six-pack abs, and of course a bum that looks so perfect and curvy firm that you might mistake it for a Kardashian's.

Fitness blogger proves the perfect butt is a myth!

We hate to break it to you but the perfect butt is a myth. 

Thankfully, we still have influencers like fitness blogger Louise Aubery who are setting a good example with their body positivity posts.

In her Instagram posts Aubery shows both the Instagram-worthy and the IRL side to enlighten her followers that both are beautiful.

She also educates people on how fitness should be portrayed and shares some interesting facts about the perfect butt being a myth. 

She wants to remind everyone that "your body is NOT the enemy."

In a recent Cosmo article she admitted that she's not aiming for a flawless body and that her goals have changed. After gaining 20 pounds from starting hormonal birth control and giving up gymnastics and dance to prioritise college entrance exams, she is now looking at fitness differently.

She also told the glossy, "When you achieve the body you want, and you realise it doesn't make you any happier, you realise there is so much more that comes into play — like truly accepting your body."

She is certainly busting the myth of the perfect butt, nay the perfect body, one post at a time. 

In one of her post she even wrote, "I get that we all want to show ourselves in the best light on social media. But I feel like it's necessary to show the 'normal' and even 'bad' light to help deconstruct the unreachable standards that have been set by social media."

Set your own realistic fitness goals, ladies!

And rightly so! The fact is that whatever we see online should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nothing is what it seems. Sad but true. That's just the way it is nowadays and we all have to learn how to keep our chins up whenever we feel the urge to compare ourselves.

Fitness is a journey and it takes a lot of hard work to see progress. It's best then to step away from social media if it doesn't do you any good. There are days when you'll feel down and that's okay. Just put down your phone and do the work! 

Of course, remember that what makes you beautiful is you're you and nothing else. Nobody can be you--that's you're biggest strength.

Love yourself as it is, take care of your body, mind, and spirit and you'll feel more secure with yourself. The first step is acceptance and the next step is whatever it is you want to do to be a better person (according to your standards, of course!)

You are a woman, and that in itself is an advantage you can take to the bank!

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