How To Make Your Boobs Look Lush

How To Make Your Boobs Look Lush

If you have been wondering about perfect bra style for you, don’t go any further because we have you sorted. We bring you the ultimate guide.

Buying a bra can either be the most exciting activity or the most uninspiring one. Because let’s be honest, it is quite difficult to find one that fits like a dream, provides ample support and is sexy enough to boost your confidence.

It has to a multitasker.

But more often than not we end up with one that is not. In fact, almost 80 percent women across the globe have worn the wrong bra size their entire lives.

Many also buy bras that they think they need to wear instead of what they should be wearing. So most women end up with bras that have smaller cup sizes and bigger bands.

So the inevitable question remains: What is the perfect bra style for me?

We at HerStyleAsia would like to show you how to select the perfect bra so that you are comfortable, feel sexy and are well-supported.

How To Buy The Best-Fitted Bra?

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1. Take measurements

The first thing to do before you head out to the market should be to take measurements of your breast size.

For this, put on the most comfortable bra you have, take a measuring tape and measure the underbust. Make sure to run the tape parallel to the floor. It should not be too loose or too tight, and you should be able to breathe comfortably.

Next, measure the cup size. Take the same tape and measure the fullest part of your breasts. Again, the tape should be parallel to the floor and it shouldn’t be too tight or loose on your bust.

Now this is just the basic step and the size that you actually try might slightly differ based on a number of factors. These include the bra that you may be wearing, firmness of your breasts, the broadness of the back, the narrowness of your should, manufacturing difference or change in size, among other factors.

2. Try a bra at a store

Be ready to try no less than 10 bras at the store before you get one right. Why? Because every company has its own manufacturing style and so what may look same, might actually feel different upon wearing.

Pick the ones that you find most comfortable in terms of the material. Then cross check their size with one you measured yourself at home. You might have to try two different sizes of the same bra to get the cup fitting right.

Ideally, the band should be tight on the loosest hook so much so that two fingers can slide in between your back and bra. The straps should also not be painfully tight and your breasts shouldn’t be falling out of any of the cups.

3. Check the fit

Keep three pointers to check in mind: the cups, the bra straps and the underbust band.

  • Under-bust areaApart from this make sure that your bra provides enough support to your breasts. For this, once you wear the bra, raise your arms over your head. If the bra lifts up and one of the breasts starts peeking through from below, it is not the right one for you.
  • Cup size. If the cup size is big, it will fold and will make your breasts appear sagging. If it is however, too tight you will notice folds or wrinkles near your armpits
  • Bra straps. Finally, your bra should not only cover your breasts, it should also support them. For this, find the centre point between your shoulder and elbow. This is where the bra should protrude the most from your chest. If it is lower, tighten your straps and if it higher up, loosen the straps. Either way, the bra straps shouldn’t cut into your shoulders.

A perfect bra style should make you appear thinner, as if you have lost three to five kilos.

Now comes the most exciting part- the perfect bra style for your breasts.

The Perfect Bra Styles According To Your Breast Shape

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Online lingerie outlet HerRoom recently released an infographic to describe the eight breast types along with bras that suit each of them.

Based on this infographic shared by Tomima Edmark, HerRoom’s founder and a bra-fitting expert with Shape Magazine you can identify the bra styles best suited for your breasts.

But just to simplify, here’s what you should be looking at.

1. Shallow breasts: Your breasts appear like a ski slope and look shallow and thin tapering down. Most breastfeeding mums have breasts that resemble this shape.

The perfect bra style for me: To add fullness, opt for a push-up bra with crescent-shaped padding. This will push the lower breast tissue upwards.

2. Semi-supported breasts: Your breasts lack fullness, however, they still seem quite full.

The perfect bra style for me: You are lucky because any style of bra will suit you.

3. Self-supported breasts: These are almost perfect Kim Kardashian-esque breasts. And if you have got your breasts augmented, this is your breast type. So whether you are with or without a bra, your breasts are well-supported on their own.

The perfect bra style for me: You can also try any bra style that you so desire.

4. Conical breasts: Women whose breasts are more cone shaped than round fall into this category. You may have a C-cup.

The perfect bra style for me: Since your breasts do not necessarily look fuller, you can opt for padded bras.

5. Uneven breasts: Many older women have uneven breasts where one breast is larger than the other.

The perfect bra style for me: Buy a bra that comfortably fits the fullest breast. One that has a thin foam layer is best because it will cover your larger breast and make the other one appear the same as well.

6. Settled breasts: This is when the breast appear hanging or deflated. These are especially common in ageing women.

The perfect bra style for me: You will need a well-structured cup that has seams as they lend a nice shape.

7. Thin breasts: Such breasts can even be called ‘tubular breasts’ and are not as wide.

The perfect bra style for me: Opt for bandeau bras. These will almost flatten your breasts together, making them look more wide and full.

8. Splayed breasts: So you have breasts that go right and left and the purpose of your bra should be to being them both toward the center.

The perfect bra style for me: You can try demi bras that show upper breasts or ones whose cups are attached. You also want to look for a bra that has a connecting piece so the cups stay centred.

We hope that this information was helpful for you and will make you a better buyer next time you go bra hunting.

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