What In The World Is A Paw Paw Cream?

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Despite looking like a lip balm, this little tube of paw paw cream can do more than just soften your lips

If you're a sucker for natural and unusual oils and creams, then you have to get your hands on the paw paw cream. Its the latest skincare fad that is taking over the world.

Despite looking like a lip balm, this little tube can do more than just soften your lips. The paw paw cream is actually a cult skincare ointment from Australia that has quickly made its way into most Asian homes. Curious to know why? 

What Is Paw Paw Cream? 

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The paw paw cream or papaw ointment (both different names for papaya) has fermented papaya as its star ingredient. As you know, papayas are rich anti-oxidants, boost immunity and contain proteolytic enzyme papain that make it an effective treatment for acne.

Plus, it contains several vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and E as well as beta-carotene that prevents skin from free radical damage and prevent wrinkles. 

When fermented, the antioxidant and antibacterial properties gain a copious amount of power. This makes it a potent skincare ingredient that is perfect for healing skin issues, when applied topically. 

The discovery of papaya's fermented form for a skincare product is usually credited to Dr. Thomas Lucas. He was an Australian doctor who first used fermented papaya in a skincare product for his ointment eponymously named Lucas' Papaw Remedies.  

What Are The Ingredients Of A Paw Paw Cream?

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You will find several variants of the paw paw cream in the market. And therefore, there'll be different ingredients as well.

For instance, the Lucas Papaw Ointment contains gum balsam as well as pharmaceutical-grade petroleum jelly. But if you want something organic, you can opt for other brands that see the paw paw cream without the petroleum jelly and instead with beeswax or plan-based oils. 

The perfect example for this variation is Dr. Pawpaw's cream. It contains aloe vera that is known for its skin soothing properties. Another example is the Real Paw Paw's ointment that contains calendula, beeswax, calendula, and sunflower oil. A combination of these not only heals irritated and dry skin but also adds moisture.  

How To Use The Paw Paw Cream?

Typically, it is used as an ointment for dry patchy skin and to heal wounds or cuts and burns. But here are some common ways in which girls are now using the paw paw cream in their daily skincare routine. 

1. Lip treatment 

A paw paw treatment is often used on dry and cracked lips. It's healing properties make it the best lip smoother. But since some of the paw paw creams also contain petroleum jelly.

In those creams the slippery sort-of moisturising feeling is just on the top. So if you use one without the petroleum jelly, make sure to also use a moisturiser underneath. 

2. Moisturise dry skin

For those of you who are often prone to dry skin, the paw paw cream is a great ointment. It keeps your skin from becoming patchy and flaky and its particularly good for your elbows and knees. You can however, still use it all over your body. 

3. Relief for eczema

Those who suffer from eczema know that the struggle to find an ointment that keeps your skin from flaking off is hard and real. But the paw paw cream can be your best friend. Its natural ingredients instantly soothe dryness and calm the redness around a super dry patch. It also prevents the rough patch from flaring up. 

4. Ointment for rashes

A paw paw cream is also great to control rashes and calms any redness or bacteria-infested area on your skin. Since fermented papaya has anti-bacterial properties, paw paw cream is great for controlling rashes. 

5. Acne spot treatment

For girls who are constantly on the hunt for spot treatment for acne, the paw paw cream can come to your rescue. Due to its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces redness and scarring during and post a breakout. 

And if you are concerned about that petroleum jelly, worry not, it doesn't clog your pores. That's because its molecules are way too big to be absorbed wholly by your open pores

6. Cuticle cream

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If you have brittle nails or cuticles often sprout out, you can also try the paw paw cream. Its moisturising properties will keep the cuticles at bay and antibacterial properties will prevent any infection from affecting your nails. 

7. Highlighter 

Finally, you can also use the paw paw cream like Marilyn Monroe used vaseline, like a highlighter. Dab the cream on the high points of your face including the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, cupid's bow and your chin. 

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