Paris Fashion Week: The Quirky Street Styles You May Have Missed

Paris Fashion Week: The Quirky Street Styles You May Have Missed

French style this month was not limited to Paris fashion week designers or their luxe collections, but it was all about the show goers. The proof is in the pudding!

Let's say it how it is. Paris has a lot to offer. From baguettes, to the Eiffel Tower, to friendly Parisians and of course, iconic fashion brands like Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. But style here is not just about the French girl wardrobe or the Paris fashion week designers.

It is also about show goers, who are often seen experimenting with trends during this time of the year. That's when you really get to see the flamboyancy of Paris. 

Fashion influencers from across the globe gather in this city of love to put their most fashionable foot forward. It doesn't matter if they are Hypebeasts or OG, all that matters is a celebration of one's self-expression. 

That's exactly what this years' Paris street style reflected.

It was a platform for woke millennials to express themselves. Depending on which Paris fashion week designers they loved, or which show they were attending, show goers gave us a glimpse of everything from athleisure, to some classic feminine silhouettes, to logomania, and even experimental clothing.  

Paris Fashion Week: The Quirky Street Style You May Have Missed

Let's take a look at some of our favourite looks from this year's spring summer collections, but only from the streets. 

1. Shoulder pads 

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If you aren't a fan of shoulder pads, look away. Although it might be difficult, when you consider Balmain and a model like fashion influencer Camila Coelho tbh.

This mini Balmain piece encapsulates everything that's been happening in fashion over the past year- animal prints, sexy feminine cuts, and retro shoulder pads.  

2. Midis, lots of them

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Midis are hot right now, in case you didn't already gather that by our previous week's assessments. And we're all for it. They are comfortable and flirty and a touch of femininity.

Whether you love the frills or a body-hugging midi, they'll make you look taller no matter what. Our vote definitely goes to the midi trend, we're loving it.  

3. Co-ords

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There is nothing hotter than a woman who can run the world. And with a co-ord, you most certainly can. Author and fashion influencer Aimee Song was seen making a splash (get it?) in her blue androgynous look.

But she added her feminine touch with sexy bralette. And don't forgot to check out her platform pumps.   

4. Neons

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Still going strong, isn't it? Neons are here to stay and they were everywhere on Paris streets. But we chose this look because its a perfect touch of femininity and military grunge.

We also love how Coelho paired this Maison Margiela outfit with her small sunnies. One for the books, isn't it?

5. Mega slits 

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Minis have been in vogue for quite a while now, but mega slits are the new minis. While one leg remains conservatively hidden, the other can come out to play (make whatever you want of it). This type of slit can make any regular girl look like a model.

Are you also getting an Angelina Jolie deja vu here? Remember her black slit dress from 2012 Oscar? Same. 

6. Retro dresses

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It happens once every so often that retro comes back (let's call the era what it is--comfortable and chic). Big shoulders, cinched waist, midi length and white heels. Ooh! And the bob.

Can this look be any more retro! (Who got the FRIENDS reference?)

7. Trench coats 

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So Priyanka Chopra came, she conquered and made her trench coat a craze among fashionistas. We're not complaining, especially if it looks like this Dior number. 

With these fashion influencers bringing their A-game to check out collections showcased by Paris fashion week designers, it's no doubt that their styles will soon trickle down to the high-streets.

Worry not, when it does, you'll be the first to know!

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Deepshikha Punj