Your Pagan Holiday Calendar for 2019: Which Holidays Are Linked With Your Zodiac Sign?

Your Pagan Holiday Calendar for 2019: Which Holidays Are Linked With Your Zodiac Sign?Your Pagan Holiday Calendar for 2019: Which Holidays Are Linked With Your Zodiac Sign?

Check out this pagan holiday calendar to see what festivities go with your sun sign.

Easing yourself into the New Year and move from holiday hangover to full-on work mode can be tough. Starting the year by setting up your planner, bullet journal, and even your Google calendar can be a good practice. If you’ve ever wanted to add some witchy or woowoo vibes to your schedule, incorporating a pagan holiday calendar into your agenda can be a fun practice. It's also one way to help familiarize you with the Wheel of the Year.

Explore a pagan practice by doing this simple activity. Or use it to add another layer of magic to your everyday. Whatever your motivation, knowing these holidays can build more awareness around the Wheel of the Year and how its seasons affect your personality.


Aries and Taurus (March 20 to April 30)

Celebrated right in the middle of the Spring season in the northern hemisphere, Ostara marks the time of year when the hours of day equal the hours of night. It coincides with the Christian Easter holidays (they even sound similar) and is meant to honor Eostre, the goddess of fertility.

It’s during this time of year when the flowers bloom that Aries can fully celebrate their creative and manifesting energies. And it’s also this pagan holiday that mimics Taurus’ close relationship to the earth. When Ostara rolls in, no matter what zodiac sign you carry, it’s good to reflect on the ways you’d like to bloom, grow and flourish.


Taurus and Gemini (May 1 to June 21)

The first of May is particularly special to those who are concerned about fertility—literally and figuratively. In medieval stories and folktales from the West, May Day gets props for encouraging lovers to consummate their love, get married. Folks basically get full dispensation to celebrate passion, virility, and sensuality. No shame, no guilt.

It’s the season that recalls Taurus’ inclination towards all things beautiful and sensual (it’s a sign ruled by the planet Venus after all). Gemini’s natural capacity to flirt and flit from one partner to the next is also celebrated with Beltane—think of bees flying off from one flower to the next. When Beltane rolls in, allow yourself to languish in all things passionate and sensual, celebrating the “lusty month of May” as Camelot calls it.


Cancer and Leo (June 21 to July 31)

The summer solstice is a magical time. These days, it’s the season for music festivals and outdoor parties. Traditionally, it’s called Midsummer Night’s Eve, when the veil between our human world and the more mystical world of faeries and goddesses thins. Think of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and the playful way the fae deal with mortals.

Litha is the time of year when the night is at its shortest. Sensitive Cancers may be extremely perceptive during this date in the pagan holiday calendar, picking up on that fae energy that bounds. Leos can relate to the many bonfires that go on this time of year, celebrating the Sun God. No matter what your sign is, this is a special time to stay up and watch the sun rise or do some candle magick to help spark flames in your own life.


Leo and Virgo (August 1 to September 20)

On the pagan holiday calendar, Lammas is scheduled from August 1 to August 2 and marks the very first harvest of the year. It’s a transitional time for countries in the northern hemisphere, indicating that the wheel of the year is turning from summer to autumn.

The word Lammas actually comes from loaf-mass, a tradition where loaves of bread were offered to the Sun God. The act of baking bread and even the warm colors of fall are just like the burning fire energy of Leos. While the return to earth energy and domestic activities like baking can be attributed to Virgo. Lammas is a time to get serious about relationships too—a lot more serious than Beltane, it’s an indication that you need to start thinking about how to move forward and take the next steps.


Virgo and Scorpio (September 21 to October 30)

The fall equinox happens around September 21stevery year—it’s a time when the hours of day and night equal each other. Unlike Ostara, Mabon is a somber time in the pagan holiday calendar. It’s about tuning into life’s darker aspects—processing both the highs and the lows.

Virgo’s analytical skills are super useful this time of year. People need to assess their performance throughout the year. At the same time, Scorpio’s dark personality shines through—this is a sign that’s absolutely comfortable diving deep into the shadows. Mabon marks a time to deal with all the dark stuff. It’s tough but necessary work.


Scorpio and Sagittarius (October 31 to December 20)

Halloween falls in Samhain in the pagan holiday calendar, and is actually the pagan New Year. Celebrated across different cultures all over the world, this is a time when the veil between the mortal world and the mystical world is at its absolute thinnest. It's a time to celebrate, revere and honor the dead.

For Scorpios, Samhain is a time that mimics their desire to transform and transcend the shadows they’ve been dealing with in Mabon. Sagittarius rings in optimism for the metaphorical afterlife. This is the vibe you need to get through all the tough purging! Whether you honor Samhain by trick or treating or ghost hunting, do so with respect for the spirits that surround us and live within us.


Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius (December 21 to February 1)

A festive time for most cultures, Yule falls on the winter solstice. It's when night starts to give way to light and the days become longer. Traditions may differ from culture to culture, but many practices like the Christmas Tree or singing carols are actually Pagan in origin.

For Sagittarius, this optimistic season reflects their hopeful nature. Capricorn, who is a stickler for tradition, typically revels in this season. And humanitarian Aquarius celebrates the connection between races, cultures, and all types of people during this unifying season too. No matter what you celebrate, this part of the pagan holiday calendar is one full of joy.


Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries (February 2 to March 19)

Typically held on February 2, Imbolc is actually the origin from which the more commercial Valentine’s holiday sprung. Historically, this part of the pagan holiday calendar marks the end of winter. Making offerings to the gods is helpful in making Spring as lush as it needs to be.

The season is reflective of Aquarius’ ability to forward plan, Pisces’ high vibe good-doing, and Aries’ innovative energy. When Imbolc rolls in, it’s a time to think about what seeds you need to plant. Imbolc helps the rest of your year becomes as fruitful as you need it to be.

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