How To Dress An Overweight Banana Body Shape

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If you have an overweight banana body shape, this is your ultimate guide to adding some curves and cutting the flab you don't want to show

While the world continues to be fixated on the pear and the apple body shapes, not many give enough credit to the banana body. A banana or rectangle body shape is typically long and lean and do not have many curves.

In fact, some of them barely have any shape in the chest, waist or the hips. And while you might rejoice in their lack of shape for a second, don't get too hot and bothered. These ladies share their shapes with the likes of Victoria's Secret models. Literally, everything looks good on them no matter if they have an overweight banana body shape or a super lean one.   

And while it is flattering to have a rather lean body shape, sometimes you need curves. This may especially be an issue if you have an overweight banana body shape and wish to add some junk in your trunk. 

So listen up ladies, this one's for you. Some of you may be long and lean, but if you have an overweight banana body shape, this is your ultimate guide to adding some curves and cutting the flab you don't want to show. It's all about illusion and we're going to show you exactly how to trick the eye into believing that you've actually got those gorgeous curves. 

How To Dress Your Overweight Banana Body Shape

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Since your body shape is well-aligned from top to bottom, which means the ratio of your chest, waist and hip is 3:3:3, you should ideally invest in clothes that create the illusion of curves.

You'll also have to look for clothes that make it look like you have a small waist. Luckily, you have lean arms and legs so you can pick up outfits that can flaunt your lean arms and legs. So let's begin with items that you should ideally invest in. 

Clothes You Should Invest In 

  • Tops. Buy off-shoulder, scoop or round necklines. Include tops with collars or ones that have ruffles, bows or embellishments.   
  • Dresses. Invest in dresses that are A-line, have cuts or slits across the sides or tulip bottom shapes. 
  • Bottoms. Opt for skirts that are tulip-shaped or body hugging. As for trousers and jeans, invest in skinny jeans and cropped trousers and culottes.
  • Clothing accessory. Your biggest friend is a belt that can cinch your waist to give you the appearance of curves. 

Ideally, your styling goals should be to define your waist line and enhance your assets, even if you have an overweight banana body shape. Try to invest in tops that either have ruffles or embellishments. 

As for your bottoms, if you have an overweight banana body shape, you should invest in body hugging skirts. With that said, there are a few outfits that you should avoid. 

What To Avoid 

  • Square necklines and crop tops
  • Straight and drop-waist dresses as well as straight skirts 
  • Slouchy or oversized jackets 
  • Excessively boxy shirts or jackets  

While this is a generic way to know how to dress for banana shape, you might want to remember the following while trying outfits. 

Let's break it down further.

1. Tops

Typically, you should opt for prints and details on your tops and blouses because they don't draw the eye to your solid block torso. You should also try soft and flowing fabrics to create the illusion of more shapely bust.

In terms of neckline for a banana (and those who may not be #blessed in that area) try a rounded neckline that's not too deep. Avoid buying very tight clothes so they do not attract the eye to your top. On the flipside of that, avoid boxy and oversized shirts, tops and jackets, lest you wish to look like a sack.

You can also choose shirts with pintucks, or gathers and even defined panels. The panels on the shirt will break up your elongated torso. While the pintucks and gathering detail can add bulk.

2. Bottoms 

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Your legs and arms should be your weapons of choice. They are slender and you can get away with wearing any length of bottoms-- even minis. However, you should wear skirts that create a curve on your hips. You can try skirts with pleats or elegant bell shaped ones. 

Try the same concept and go for A-shaped minis. As for shorts, you can practically wear any length and look good so don't worry that vertical. 

If you have a formal office setting and are looking for pants or trousers, skinny pants will work well. So will cropped trousers that show a bit of your skinny ankle a'la Meghan Markle.  

3. Dresses 

Colours and prints are your best friend. Opt for dresses that are heavily embellished or have prints, ruffles or pin tucks on them. You can even try dresses with bell sleeves so that you create the illusion of a slim waist. 

Bias cut dresses are also good fro your body shape. You get instant hips with this shape. For the necklines, you can choose collars or cowl neck or any fold of fabric to add more heaviness to your bust. 

You can also try dresses with ruffles on top, a cinched waist and a bell shaped bottom. Or, add a belt to your existing dresses to give your self a fake waist. 

4. Jackets 

Soft flowing fabrics should be your go-to so they can add femininity to your look. However, if boxy straight jackets are your jam, its totally upto you.

You can club your jackets with skirts, trousers and jeans to add a bulk to your torso and flaunt your comparatively skinny legs. 

Try printed jackets with big floral designs and those with angular designs with a nipped-in waist. If you already have boxy jackets, you can add a belt over them to create the illusion of a slimmer waist line. 

5. Clothing accessories 

In terms of clothing accessories, narrow waist belt are your go-to. They cinch in your waist, create the illusion of a slimmer torso with shape and give you a hourglass figure. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans or trousers. 

Its also best to invest in tops with plunging necklines and in eye catching necklaces to compliment that neckline. This way the eye is automatically pulled towards the neck and away from your straight waist or bottom. 

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