Do You Have An Old Soul? 18 Telltale Signs Of An Old Soul

Do You Have An Old Soul? 18 Telltale Signs Of An Old SoulDo You Have An Old Soul? 18 Telltale Signs Of An Old Soul

Do you think differently from most people? That could mean you have an old soul.

Everyone’s heard of the term “old soul”, but what exactly does it mean? It basically means having a vibe that your spirit is a lot older than your body, as if your soul has been in the universe long before other souls. But what exactly are old soul characteristics? Scroll on to find out.

18 Old Soul Characteristics That Set You Apart

1. You’re a bit of a loner.

Old souls often find themselves alone and take pleasure in their own company. They’d rather have a few close friends rather than several superficial relationships, and would rather stay home to be alone with their thoughts rather than going out.

2. You don’t feel at home in the world.

Feeling unsettled on earth could be a sign that your soul isn’t originally from here. Some of the customs and beliefs of your world could seem bewildering and foreign, which could make it a little difficult for you to fully relax.

3. You often feel misunderstood.

Because you feel so out of sorts in this world and are often so aloof, people often misinterpret your actions and write you off as snobbish or uncaring.

4. You’re soft-spoken.

You might have strong opinions about the world, but you’re less likely to voice them out unprompted. But when you’re with people who seem genuinely interested in sharing ideas, you’d be more than happy to speak up.

Do You Have An Old Soul? 18 Telltale Signs Of An Old Soul

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5. You get along with older people.

When you were a child, you liked spending time with teens or adults. And when you were a teen, you enjoyed the company of those older. Meanwhile, you might’ve found it harder to relate to people your own age.

6. You get frustrated with other people’s childish antics.

Being an old soul means you have a maturity beyond your years, which is why you often get fed up with your peers’ silliness. In your friend group, you might play the role as the wise one people turn to for sage advice.

7. You’re forward-thinking.

You tend to see more of the big picture, so you’re more responsible with your resources, and are very innovative.

8. You take more time to think over your actions.

Knowing the possible repercussions of one’s actions would naturally make anyone a little more cautious, which is why one of the most telling old soul characteristics is the amount of thought they put into their decisions. 

9. You often think you know better than authority.

Though you won’t (usually) go against authority for the sake of it, you don’t think highly of someone simply because they’re in positions of power, because you know that they’re just a person at the end of the day. To get your respect, people have to earn it.

10. You try to make the world a better place to live in.

Because you understand the importance of what you give to the universe, you’re very generous with your time and resources, not expecting anything in return. You’re kind and helpful to others, and you actively look for ways to make the world better.

Do You Have An Old Soul? 18 Telltale Signs Of An Old Soul

Image: Unsplash

11. You’re not afraid of death.

You don’t have that YOLO attitude that most people your age do, but the awareness of your mortality makes you more intentional with your time. The idea of death doesn’t bring you despair, but inspires you to do more with your time here on earth.

12. You don’t follow trends.

You have very little interest in what’s cool and what everybody else is doing. Who’s got time for that? You just do you!

13. You love learning.

Learning and growing gives you a great sense of accomplishment, which is why you go out of your way to understand the world around you. That might mean taking further studies, or even just reading more than the average joe.

14. You’re spiritual.

You might not be religious, exactly, but you’re aware that there are forces beyond what the naked eye can see. 

15. You’re not materialistic.

Material riches don’t excite you, though you do take pleasure in the simple things. Spending a buttload on luxurious items just doesn’t make sense to you, and you’re more likely to spend your money on experiences and education.

16. You’re not narcissistic.

You’ve got a great ability to transcend your ego, which means you’re not self-obsessed and fixated on how you look or how other people perceive you. Because you know that there are better things to preoccupy yourself with. You also acknowledge that being an old soul doesn’t make you better than young souls, just different.

How many of these old soul characteristics apply to you?

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