What's Your Magic Number? All About Your Numerology And Life Path Number

What's Your Magic Number? All About Your Numerology And Life Path NumberWhat's Your Magic Number? All About Your Numerology And Life Path Number

Simple math can help you unlock your personality’s deepest secrets with numerology and life path number calculations.

It’s easy to dismiss equations, and numerology and life path number computations when you’re just not into math. But if you want to delve deep into your personality, simple numerology and life path number addition can give you the guidance and direction you’re looking for.

All you have to do to dive into numerology and life path number calculations is convert your birth date into number form. The month you were born is any number from 1 to 12, the day you were born is any number from 1 to 31, and your year is kept as is. Write out all the digits in one line and add each of them as an individual number.

For example, someone born on February 10, 1988 would compute for 2 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8. Just add up all those numbers until you get a two-digit sum: 29, for our example. Take that two-digit sum, and add the individual numbers together again. 2 + 9 = 11. Since the sum is stilla two-digit number, add those numbers together again. 1 + 1 = 2. Once you’ve got your numbers down to a single digit, you’ve just use numerology and life path number calculations to figure out some aspects of your personality.

Numerology and Life Path Number 1

The Leader

You’re meant to push the envelope, set new trends, and show the world that there’s tons of room to innovate. You’re a natural at manifestation and have unlocked The Secretlong before it became a self-help sensation. Because you’ve been gifted with a lot of creative gifts, your responsibility is to shine your light and show everyone how it’s done.

Style tip: Get off the ‘gram and start putting your own ensembles together, without referencing any influencers, models or top designers. You do you.

Numerology and Life Path Number 2

The Diplomat

The Number Two often represents choice and diversion, and as a Diplomat it’s your role to find balance between people, opinions and issues that often split into two varying directions. You’re the peacekeeper whose empathy for people allows you to create a sense of harmony among people around you. Ever the bleeding heart, you sometimes forget yourself in an effort to people-please. Stand up for yourself too.

Style tip: Color blocking is the way to go for Two’s. You know how to play with contrast and complementary textures and hues like no other.

Numerology and Life Path Number 3

The Social Butterfly

Every girls’ night out starts with a Three. You find yourself in good company everywhere you go—be it in the boardroom or in your dorm room. Fact is, you can’t stand being alone and grab any chance you get to engage, converse, and party with others. You’re an excellent communicator—just make sure you don’t forget that everyone’s allowed to express an opinion.

Style tip: Ditch the dress and go for multi-piece ensembles instead. Trade in that romper for a blazer-top-shorts combo that’ll win the crowd.

Numerology and Life Path Number 4

The Worker

Fours are all about stability and support, which means you hate feeling unhinged and without a plan. Your need for structure and super disciplined regime has you shooting straight to success. Your ambitions, compared to those of your peers, are always sky high. Remember to take a break every so often. All work and no play is no way to live.

Style tip: Rock the sexy professor look with a pair of specs and an oversized tweed blazer to look stylish and professional at the same time.

Numerology and Life Path Number 5

The Free Spirit

Adventure’s your middle name, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Nobody can rein you in when you’ve got a destination, goal, or a current crush you’re obsessed with. You show people how to live boldly (and sometimes recklessly), and other times you seem to forge a path of destruction with your inability to calm yourself down. Chill.

Style tip: Add some street cred to your closet with some kicks that were designed to pound the pavement.

Numerology and Life Path Number 6

The Nurturer

You’ve got a generous spirit that’s always looking out for everyone else. You love whipping up a home-cooked meal for the group even if Friendsgiving isn’t for another 10 months, and yours is the hug that everybody craves when they’ve just gone through a breakup. Learn to mirror that same level of care to yourself. You deserve a hug too.

Style tip: Comfort is key wherever you go. Doll yourself up with warm and fuzzy sweaters you’ll want to snuggle in all day and all night.

Numerology and Life Path Number 7

The Mystic

You know that there’s more to life than what the real world has to offer. You’re above material possessions, capitalism and all that jazz. You’d rather spend your time practicing yoga in an ashram or meditating with Buddha on a mountaintop. Your friends could benefit from your spiritual wisdom; but you’ve got to bring yourself down to earth every now and again to reconnect with the human race.

Style tip: Drape yourself in flowy, breezy Osho-inspired vests and dresses. No one can rock a Rajneeshee ensemble better than you.

Numerology and Life Path Number 8

The Powerhouse

It’s only fitting that Eights are saddled with this number—they embody the "more more more" spirit of the 80s. These masters of the corporate ladder are as bold and aggressive as the shoulder pads tucked into their blazers. These control freaks are responsible for getting things done. Their tendency to be high strung can be overwhelming to others, who don’t see the point of a rat race.

Style tip: Go maximalist with vintage 80s earrings designed to steal everyone’s attention.

Numerology and Life Path Number 9

The Humanitarian

You’re a rare breed in the Me Me Me Generation. Nines are true humanitarians who put the collective good first. These are the advocates—the ones lobbying for the do-good political candidate, the whistleblowers doing journalism right, and the harbingers of integrity in the world. It can be a heavy burden to carry the weight of the world—learn to pencil in some downtime between engagements.

Style tip: A tailored blazer will have people taking up your cause seriously—it’ll look like you mean business and they better pay attention.

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