5 No Makeup Makeup Tricks, According To Victoria Beckham

5 No Makeup Makeup Tricks, According To Victoria Beckham5 No Makeup Makeup Tricks, According To Victoria Beckham

Struggling to pull off no makeup makeup? No problem. Just follow these barely-there beauty tricks by fashion designer and stylish mum, Victoria Beckham.

No makeup makeup is one of those beauty trends that are simply here to stay. Just like a trusted LBD, or the perfect shade of red lipstick.

There is something timelessly stylish about not trying too hard to look your best. Not only is the no makeup makeup trend popular in the streets, it has also taken on the world of high fashion, where barely-there beauty looks are favoured by designers like Victoria Beckham, who continued this trend at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

The mum of 4 tells US Magazine that the look she chose for her recent show is “soft, yet also strong” and “simple, but full of confidence.”

As Victoria Beckham’s style has evolved form international pop star to renowned fashion designer, she has remained a fan of classic elegance. This style has also woven itself into her beauty philosophy as well as her makeup line.

If you want to cop this effortless look for yourself, here are 5 beauty commandments to follow!

No makeup makeup!

Dab off lipstick after applying it

When it comes to no makeup makeup, you can go for a natural light or matte lip color.

According to Victoria Beckham’s fashion show makeup artist,Pat McGrath, in an interview with Vogue, patting your lips with tissue is the secret to that subtle, just-bitten rosy lip look.

Don’t discount brown mascara

When it comes to mascara, the default choice is often jet black, but Victoria believes in the power of a good chocolate-toned mascara.

Why? It gives a subtle, effortless pop when applied to the root of the lashes.


Don’t neglect hydration

As a working mum of 4, Victoria has mastered the art of quick touch-ups.

Recently, she demonstrated her impressively simple beauty routine while mid-flight. It’s obvious that the glam mum prioritises looking fresh and well-rested.

One crucial way she does this is by using a hydrating cream that not brightens the skin.

Dazzling eyeshadow can give a subtle pop

Dab on some eyeshadow in silver or sparkly gold on the center of the eyelids to make your eyes truly open up and brighten.

Finish up with the perfect powder or bronzer

Whatever brand you choose, make sure you get a transluscent skin perfecting powder that smooths out blemishes.

If you want to get a sunkissed look, use a bit of bronzer to give yourself a natural glow.

Aside from her no-makeup makeup looks, Victoria has also been fond of more dramatic looks, like bold lip colors as well as smokey eye shadow.

Whatever makeup routine she decides to go for, Victoria Beckham always looks effortlessly stylish! You can too!

Do you have any quick mum makeup routines for mums? Share it with us in the comments below!

sources: Vogue, Us Magazine, W Magazine

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