7 New Things All Long-Term Couples Must Try In Bed

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While there is nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone, its also worth exploring a bit of erotica to further spice things up in the bedroom

When you’ve been with your partner for many moons, spicing things up in the bedroom might sound like a great idea. But if you feel like you’ve tried most of what can be considered “spicy,” then you certainly need a refresher. There are still new things to try in bed for couples who’ve been together for decades. 

So what kind of things should you try in bed? 

First up, let’s get one thing straight. Irrespective of whether your relationship is five-year-old or a decade old, thinking about trying something new isn’t weird. It is easy to try something new. But more often than not you may prefer your comfort zone and stick to what you’ve been doing so far. 

And while there is nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone and making love to express love, sometimes you may feel like you’re falling into a rut. In that case, its worth exploring a bit of erotica.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at seven new things to try in bed for couples who are in a long-term relationship.

7 New Things To Try In Bed For Couples 

1. Power Play 

So one of you is always an initiator and if that’s the case perhaps a role reversal will make things interesting. Take turns to initiate, which means you can explore both—the dominant and subversive sides. And if you’ve never experiment with power play in bed, its time to change that now. 

You can even use props to enhance the experience. Some couples like using scarves to blindfold or just playfully use verbal communication to show dominance or subversion. You don’t have to go the slave/master way, but explore your boundaries to know what works for you.  

2. Seduction tricks 

If seducing your partner has become history, its time to relive it. As years go by and the relationship becomes more mature, most couples often hop onto the bed and go with the sexual motions. They do not like to indulge in foreplay.

You don’t always have to do the same things to initiate the love-making session. You can try different things like holding each other close and dancing. Or making out in the lounging room. Entice your partner with text messages throughout the day and if you’ve made some promises, stick to them. It’s all about keeping the element of surprise alive.  

3. Rely on your senses 

new things to try in bed for couples

Work on titillating your senses so you can heighten your sexual experience. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

Often times one of the two will begin to think about something, rather than being in the love-making moment. In that case, you should rely on your senses. Ask yourself what you see, feel, smell or touch while you’re in the middle of sex. This will help you bring your focus back into the game.

A sense of smell is of course, a good way to start. Focus on how your partner smells and start from there. You can even light your favourite candles, play your favourite music, and even listen to the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat. Try to work on titillating your senses so you can heighten your sexual experience.     

4. Fantasy bowl 

You may have certain unfulfilled sexual fantasies and if you’ve never discussed them with your partner; use a fantasy bowl. Write down your fantasies, what you want your partner to do and what you expect on a piece of paper and add that to your fantasy bowl. Make sure to use one chit per fantasy to keep things interesting. 

So when you get down and dirty, you or your partner can pull out the chit and perform the act written on it. It could be anything—from anal sex to toys to even role-play. Write what floats your boat and try new activities each time. 

5. Don’t be shy to ask for more 

If after being in a relationship for so long, you don’t mind farting in front of each other, then why mind asking for more in bed. Yes, it cannot be all about you all the time and likewise it cannot be all about your partner. But sometimes, just sometimes it can be about you and you shouldn’t be afraid to say it. 

It’s good to know what you want and how you want it. Make sure your needs are taken care of, so you can take care of the needs of your partner. And if this one time you are the centre of attention, perhaps your partner can write their fantasy on a piece of paper and you can come back to what they want using the fantasy bowl experiment. 

6. Kinky, are you riding?

More often than not, couples are so respectful, loving and caring toward each other that they find it hard to be erotic or kinky. Yes, its a good idea to love and respect your partner all the time, but its not bad if you want to up the ante and objectify each other. It’s simply a way to spice things up. 

But before you go all kinky on your partner, make sure to share this idea with them. This might actually show you the other of your partner who might have been too shy to share his/her kinky side fearing disrespect to you. 

7. Make it regular 

One of the many new things to try in bed for couples who have been in long-term relationships is to make sex a regular activity. You don’t have to do everyday. But start by not postponing to another quarter! 

Consider it an exercise. When you stop doing it, it can be hard to come back to and continue. And if you haven’t done it in a while, you may be tempted to put it off till you think it will be good. Try not to fall into this trap. If you do it regularly, you know what more you can do to make it even better.

You can use sex toys, try foreplay, not worry about always experimenting. Let your love-making evolve with time and enjoy your special moments with your partner.  

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