New Generation Moisturisers That Are Taking Over Millennial Beauty Regimes

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The marriage of science and beauty has certainly given us some delectable new generation moisturisers. And here's why they deserve a spot in your vanity!

Right after you get your hands on a new tub of moisturiser or cream your first instinct is to smell it. You then move on to feel its texture to check if its thick, milky, gel-like or creamy like a pudding. As it turns out, it's not just how well the product works that matters. But also how you feel when you slather it on your skin. 

This reflexive connection between the product and your senses determines how much of it you'll use. If you don't like the texture or the smell, you'll probably toss it out.

On the other hand, an elegant formula can change your perception of a product and you are more inclined to use it, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Plus, slathering on a product that you like increases its efficiency because you are more patient with it. And, may take time to massage it into your skin. 

New Generation Moisturisers Are Enticing Our Senses!

This reason alone explains why so many new generation moisturisers from companies like Olay and Shiseido are keeping a close eye on sensory and behavioural research.

In fact, Shiseido's behavioural scientists recently conducted a study on how women react when they touch and smell a product as opposed to hear about it online or from a friend. 


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"We found out that the blood flow significantly increases in the wider area of brain when the customers take active actions for the cosmetics with their own tactile sense and sense of hearing, including 'Touch the contents,' 'Smell the scent,' and 'Touch the container',” their study states. 

Sometimes even the packaging helps.  

Take for instance, the Essential Energy line from Shiseido. The packaging is reportedly inspired by "the handcrafted tea bowls used in Japanese tea ceremonies, designed to appeal to the sense of touch with a natural fit into the palm." Their research also proved that uniquely crafted designs had an effect in awakening the senses and also gave a sense of comfort to the users. 

New Generation Moisturisers Have Also Gone High-Tech 

In addition to your moisturiser affecting your sense of smell and touch, it is also using technology to analyse your skin. Singapore-based Skin Inc's recent launch- the Optimizer Voyage Blue Light has been making all the right noise in the beauty-tech space. 

This handheld wireless device uses coloured light-emitting diode (LED) chromotherapy and is able to treat problems such as uneven skintone, dullness, acne, and redness. 

"We designed one with a single light and at a cheaper price (targeted at millennials) so customers in that age group can afford it," Skin Inc founder, Sabrina Tan told The Strait Times.

"We want our products to be relevant to you and to impact your life. The data is crowdsourced and we then bring that voice back to the lab," she added. 

But Millennials And K-beauty Products Are The Real Trend Srivers

The other two important reasons for the burgeoning number of moisturiser textures are millennials and K-beauty. Women in their 20s are more aware about skincare. This, thanks to YouTube and the K-beauty trend that has taken over the world.

They are open to work on their skin to prevent future wrinkles, clogged pores and uneven skintone from quite early on.

As Thailand-based marketing executive Samorn Wong, 24, told HerStyleAsia.

"I was introduced to the 10-step Korean skincare routine by a friend two years back and I haven't stopped since. It is a bit expensive to invest in all the 10 products. But honestly, it's worth it if you really want great skin. Plus, the textures are light so they don't sit heavy on my severe acne-prone skin. I would highly recommend it," she shared. 

Keeping this in mind, cosmetic companies are upping their game. They are coming up with new generation moisturisers that are light and frothy and also sound delectable. 

So while Dior has a 'sorbet' cream, Olay has a new 'whipped' moisturiser, and Julep has a 'pressed' serum. With these newer yummy names, there is just one question. Do they work better than thicker moisturisers that rules the industry a few years ago? 

Interestingly, the answer is 'yes.'

Beauty and technology is now going hand-in-hand forcing cosmetic companies to work with scientists to work on their products.

So where you have Shiseido’s new Essential Energy Moisturising Gel Cream that encapsulates its ingredients in micro-size water balloons that hydrate the skin. You also have Olay's Whip moisturisers that are starch-based and act like sponges to quickly absorb moisturising agents like glycerin and water. 

But let's not forget that creams are never going anywhere. There is still a large number of women who love their creams. But the marriage of science and beauty has certainly given us more delectable creams. There is mousse, whips and jelly to choose from. So pick what you like now!

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