We Had Today, But Never Forever- Part III

We Had Today, But Never Forever- Part IIIWe Had Today, But Never Forever- Part III

We had this and only this. Our time was short. We had today, but never forever.

In the end, we settled on an unopened pack of Durex Featherlite. More feeling, more or less the same protection – sounded good to me. There was more in the box: textured condoms, rubbers with tiny little vibrators, pleasure gels, a veritable cornucopia of sexual delight. But we left it all there, putting the box safely back in its exact place in the night table.

And then we were back on Ying Yue’s bed. We were completely naked now. The lacy peach panties lay discarded on the floor. I had put on the condom just as they had taught us in sex ed, and Ying Yue watched with curiosity.

This was it then. I lay on top of her, half-planking. We kissed, and I told her I loved her. She replied, breathlessly, “I love you too. Put it in.” And so I did.

I pushed my cock inside, guiding it in with one hand. Ying Yue made a small sound, something like pain. I thrust again and looked at Ying Yue’s face. Her lips were parted and her brow was furrowed slightly. She looked like she was in pain.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Don’t stop.”

I thrust all the way in and back the other way again, and it was incredible. Nothing had ever felt so good. After the initial resistance, movement became much easier. Her pussy was wet and my cock pushed deeper into her. Nothing had ever felt so right.

“Oh my God,” I said involuntarily. “You feel so good.”

I thrust and thrust, finding my rhythm. And I noticed that Ying Yue had started to enjoy it too. The small cries of pain and discomfort became sounds of pleasure. She cried out with every thrust. Her hands wrapped around my back, then she grabbed my ass, encouraging me to go faster, to go deeper.

Soon, I lost all control, just fucking her and fucking her. Ying Yue’s cries became louder. She kissed me, and held my face, and as I came, my entire body shaking from the orgasm, she said my name, “Rayyan! Rayyan!” Then she bit my shoulder.

After I was spent, we kissed again, long and hard, telling each other “I love you” because what else was there to say? I pulled out with a pleasurable shudder. Ying Yue and I looked at each other, incredulous, happy. And we broke into laughter at the same time.

We did it twice more that afternoon when Ah Ma wasn’t at home. We didn’t have to wait long for me to get hard again – it felt as if I had been waiting my whole life for this and I wasn’t going to wait any longer to get more. We did it with her on top and she came for the first time that day. Next, we did it doggy-style, and this time it ended with a simultaneous orgasm. I’m not making this up. We couldn’t have asked for a better first time.

We considered raiding Ying Yue’s father’s condom stash one more time, but just as we were talking it over, we noticed that it was getting dark outside. Ah Ma was probably headed home already.

Still giddy, we dressed up, not saying much. Ying Yue walked me to the gate, and there, she gave me a long kiss goodbye.

“I think you made me a little sore,” she whispered conspiratorially. I kissed her again.

As I walked back to the car parked at the other end of the street, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. But there was a feeling inside that kept growing, and I had trouble putting a name to it at first.

Today was beautiful, perfect. It was more than I had ever dreamt of. And we would have this forever. But we would never have more than this.

Maybe we would make love again. Maybe tomorrow Ah Ma wouldn’t be at home. Maybe the day after that, I didn’t know. But what I had come to realise on that most wonderful of days was that there was no tomorrow for us.

Maybe tomorrow Ying Yue’s parents would find out about us and forbid our relationship. Maybe tomorrow Ah Ma would catch us in the act. Or tomorrow they would decide to ship Ying Yue off to Canada to be with the rest of the family and find a respectable Chinese man. Only one thing was certain: one tomorrow, this would all end.

And it would be unfair of course, unfair because we were so young, unfair because her family couldn’t accept me for the colour of my skin. We couldn’t or wouldn’t run away together. We wouldn’t be able stand up to her parents, to live on our own, get married, have children, grow old. We had this and only this. Our time was short. We had today, but never forever.

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Written by

Marga Guangzon