We Had Today, But Never Forever- Part II

We Had Today, But Never Forever- Part IIWe Had Today, But Never Forever- Part II

She pulled me to the bed and made me lie down with a playful push. She knew what she wanted, and climbed on top of me...

Ying Yue opened the gate to her house moments after I rang the doorbell. If I didn’t hear the rush of her footsteps from the front door, I’d have thought she was waiting by the gate. She greeted me wordlessly with a sheepish grin then pulled me inside. Still holding my hand, she led me to the side entrance (the front door was almost never used and mostly barred with boxes of products for the store), through a sliding glass door, and into the house.

She was in my arms right after she closed the sliding door. She turned her face upwards, her eyes already closing, and kissed me. My hands went around her back tangling with her long silky hair. I felt her tongue searching for mine and met it. There was that hunger again. Then she pulled back and laughed, China doll face lit up with light, though her eyes were actually large and round with a double eye-fold, just slightly upturned. Her lips were bright and red, her lower lip caught between her teeth as she bit it.

“Hi,” she said. “Let’s go upstairs.”

She didn’t let go of my hand and led me though the living area and the dining room to the stairs. I could hardly see in the dimly lit house, but I detected the smell of incense, or joss sticks, coming from an alcove near the stairs where strange statues lived beside scrolls filled with ornate alien calligraphy.

I climbed the stairs, eyes focused on Ying Yue’s ass and swinging hips, and soon we were in her room.

I had been there once before, and the heaps of clothes and things were still mostly where I had seen them last. Ying Yue was apologetic about the mess before, but not today. She made busy clearing the bed as my eyes wandered over her things, both familiar and unfamiliar.

It wasn’t a very girly room. The walls were an unfashionable grey, but the bedsheets were pink. On a chair was a pile of clothes I knew well, on a cluttered table her books, in a small wooden box with a broken wind-up ballerina, her jewelry. There were pictures of Ying Yue with her family, all of them with matching eyes and noses. They were strangers with the face of my lover.

She pulled me to the bed and made me lie down with a playful push. She knew what she wanted, and climbed on top of me. I was surrounded by the smell of her. There was the smell of her perfume, on her and everything in the room. From her pillow, there was the fragrance of her hair, and just beneath that, faintly, the animal scent of her sweat.

Our clothes came off quickly as we kissed. She made her way downwards, kissing my chest, my right nipple, my abs. She fought with the buttons of my jeans, and frustrated, told me, in a voice heavy with desire, “You do it.” I pulled off my jeans and briefs in one go.

Without ceremony, she knelt between my outstretched legs and began licking first the tip of my cock, then the entire shaft. She put the head in her mouth and sucked. I closed my eyes involuntarily. Her head began to bob up and down as she sucked me deeper and deeper.

She liked my cock, she had told me in a Starbucks one day. If we couldn’t be alone or make out, we were always talking about sex. We never got tired of it.

“I didn’t think it would be that big,” Ying Yue said. I laughed because I knew it wasn’t that big; I had taken a measuring tape to it before. “I thought dicks were ugly, grotesque things. But when I saw yours,” she paused to search for words, “it was beautiful. So long and hard… and proud like a god.

“Who was the writer who said it?” Her face scrunched up in a surprisingly pretty way as she tried to remember. “‘I want to kneel down at that altar,’ the quote goes or something like that.”

She let her hand fall into my lap, underneath the round Starbucks table, without a care who saw.

Now she was worshipping at that altar, two hands wrapped around the shaft of my penis as her head bobbed up and down faster and faster. I felt my cum building up, ready to explode, and I didn’t want to, not yet. So I pulled back a little and told her to stop.

“Did you like that?” she asked, making her way back up, hard nipples grazing my stomach. “Was it good?”

“Too good,” I replied.

She nuzzled my neck. Then she said it again:

“I want you to make love to me.”

Panic and elation filled me at the same time. It wasn’t that I didn’t think this would happen, but it wasn’t supposed to happen today. I wanted it to happen – God I wanted it to happen – But we weren’t exactly ready. We had a plan! And this wasn’t it.

I closed my eyes. It was almost painful saying no.

“But the plan!” I said. “It’s been what, four days since you started the pill?”

“I don’t care,” Ying Yue said.

“I don’t even have condoms! I was going to buy today, but…”

“I don’t care,” she said. “I want you now.”

“Ying!” I pleaded. It took all the strength I had to not give in. If she asked me one more time, I would say yes.

“Come with me,” Ying Yue said and dragged me off the bed. Naked and still hard, I followed her to the next room. I didn’t know where she was bringing me. She was down to her peach-coloured lacy panties, and all I could think of was pulling those down and fucking her right then and there.

When I realised where she had brought me, I stopped dead in my tracks. We were in her parents’ room.

“Ying… What are we doing here?”

She was busy going through the drawers of a night table and ignored my question.

“Aha!” she said triumphantly. “Found you.”

She looked at me, happy as a girl could be. In her hands, she was holding a surprisingly large box which was full of something colourful – it was her father’s condom stash.

“He’ll never know,” Ying Yue said. “Just look at how much he’s got here.”

I hesitated, still worried that he might notice a missing condom or two.

“We’ll buy some and replace them later,” she went on.

I took a deep breath.


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Written by

Marga Guangzon