How To Perfect Natural Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

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To nail the natural eye makeup for brown eyes step-by-step, consider the colour wheel

Each time you go to a Sephora you'll notice a brand new item claiming to be better that the one you added to your cart. Either the packaging is different or formulation is superior or a new colour is added to the same palette. And if buying makeup in general wasn't confusing enough, it can be even more daunting when it comes to eyeshadows. 

For those of you who have natural brown eyes, the struggle is real and we feel you. So that's why we're going to break this down to you so you can nail the natural eye makeup for brown eyes step-by-step.

Natural Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes Step-By-Step

To nail the perfect natural eye makeup form brown eyes, the first thing you need to know is that brown is mixture of primary colours. That means almost any colour will go well with brown eyes. However, your eye colour will only pop if you work according to the depth of the brown in your eyes. 

So when you go out hunting for eyeshadow palettes to suit your brown eyes, consider the colour wheel. You'll find that the most complimentary colour to your eye shade would be directly across your target colour.

So for instance, the common underlying hues for deeper brown eyes would be red or garnet. For medium brown eyes it would be orange or amber; and for light brown eyes, the hues would be yellow or golden. Based on these thumb rules, let's take a look at the eyeshadows and colour you can use to get that perfect natural eye makeup for brown eyes step-by-step.  

1. Dark brown eyes 

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For all of you who have dark brown eyes, medium to dark shades of eyeshadows will work best. You can try colours like forest green, plum, grey or dark blue.

We would recommend the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Mighty Moss (S$29) or the Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette (S$39). While the former offers an easy-to-use and lightweight wash of colour, you can work on your blending skills with the latter. 

2. Medium brown eyes

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If you have medium brown eyes like Filipino star Maja Salvador, you can try violet, bronze or green-coloured eyeshadows. These colours work really well to make your medium brown eye colour stand out.

We recommend the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Brownout (S$39). You can use that just as an eyeliner or smudge it across your lid for a dash of bronze. 

3. Light brown eyes

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Have light brown eyes a'la Maine Mendoza, then try delicate metallics, dusty rose pinks and light browns. Opting for smokey eyes or dark eyeshadows is not a good idea if you have really light brown eyes because they dull down the specs of green and blue in your eyes. 

So instead opt for light shades that work to enhance the beauty of your eye colour. Try using a light colour all over your lid and add its slightly version into your crease. Finish the look with a brown or green eyeliner so that the natural green in your eyes pops. 

We recommend the Sephora Collection's Colorful Duo Eyeshadow in Hit the Jackpot (S$11). The duo is perfect for a wash of colour on the lids and deepening of crease.  

4. Hazel eyes 

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Girls with hazel eyes should try violet, champagne or bronze with medium brown eyeliner. You can sweep the entire shimmery eyeshadow over your lids and add a thin line of eyeliner and volumising mascara so your eye look open and the colour stands out. 

We recommend the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Top Yacht (S$32). For your base or for blending purposes, you can use your bronzer and for adding volume to your eyelashes, we suggest Benefit Cosmetics' BADgal Bang! Mascara (S$21). 

How To Nail Natural Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes Step-By-Step

Once you have selected the colours that match the depth of your eyes, you can begin by sweeping the lightest shade across the lid. Then, deepen the crease with a slightly darker shade from the same family. Add a bit of eyeliner and volumising mascara and you are good to go for the day. 

Remember a simple eye look is always best when it comes to dressing for the day. If you want to amp up your eye makeup for a night out, you can always further deepen the crease and add a bit if shimmer to the centre of your lid, thicken the eyeliner and add some falsies. 

Take your inspiration from beauty influencer Sona Gasparian on how to nail the natural eye makeup for brown eyes step-by-step. 

If you do try any of the looks we recommended, do tag our Instagram handle to your videos and win a chance to be featured on our page.  

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