Nadine Lustre Finally Speaks Out On Copycat Controversy With James Reid's Ex Ericka Villongco

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Yes, their feeds are similar. But is Nadine really copying Ericka? The former finally defends herself.

So a few weeks back, LA-based singer and social media star Ericka Villongco got us shookt after posting cryptic messages on social media that were calling someone out for copying her style. And the internet thought it was pretty clear who she was calling out: Nadine Lustre. (READ: Did James Reid's Ex Ericka Villongco Just Call Out Nadine Lustre For Copying Her Style?) But is Nadine Lustre copying Ericka Villongco?

Nadine Lustre Finally Speaks Out On Copycat Controversy With James Reid's Ex Ericka Villongco

Is Nadine Lustre Copying Ericka Villongco? Nadine Speaks Out

Nadine finally acknowledged the controversy around James Reid's ex-girlfriend's cryptic posts. At a press conference for her movie Ulan, Nadine was asked about the issue.

One reporter asked: "How do you feel when people say na parang you're copying somebody else's style? Sino ba? [Who are you copying?]"

"No. Parang wala. [There's nobody.] I think I have my own style, and I look for inspiration from other celebrities," Nadine said. "I think I have my own individuality so I don't see anything na parang kokopyahin ko [that I would copy]."

Meanwhile, Ericka hasn't confirmed that Nadine is indeed the person she's calling out on social media, but she hasn't denied it either. Fans have also noticed that Ericka has been liking and responding to comments that call Nadine a copycat.

Some have said that Ericka just can't get over James, but based on her Instagram, she's happy with her new beau in California. Some also said that Ericka is simply creating drama to get her name out there so she publicity for her new blog.

With Nadine's statement, we hope this Nadine Lustre copying Ericka Villongco issue can be put to rest. Though we can't help but note the similarities between the two Instagram accounts, no one can conclusively say that Nadine based her aesthetic on Ericka's based on their social media feeds alone. Let's all move on with our lives, shall we?

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