OMG: James Reid Accidentally Reveals That He And Nadine Lustre Are Living Together

OMG: James Reid Accidentally Reveals That He And Nadine Lustre Are Living TogetherOMG: James Reid Accidentally Reveals That He And Nadine Lustre Are Living Together

"It's actually my longest relationship," says James Reid about his three-year relationship with Nadine Lustre.

Are Nadine Lustre and James Reid living together? It's a question that has followed the couple for quite some time, but until very recently, the couple have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

The celebrity couple's social media feeds are never lacking of online PDA. But they've been pretty private about other aspects of their relationship, such as their living arrangements.

However, James recently let the cat out of the bag during an interview when he accidentally confirmed that he and Nadine are, indeed, living together.

During an appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice, James was asked about how he and Nadine keep their relationship fresh, as they're constantly together for work.

"Well, we live together, so," James said casually, then paused when he realized what he had just said.

"Oh, did you know that already? Okay well we live together," he continued as the studio audience cheered at the revelation.

He went on to say that he still feels "kilig" or butterflies around Nadine. Sometimes, when they're together every day, they get a little too comfortable with each other, but on some days when either of them is busy working on another project, they still really miss each other.

"So yes, we live together, and sometimes kasi, arawaraw kayo nagkikita [you see each other every day], no space, sometimes you get too comfortable, but then there's days when she's working, super busy, parang ngayon [like now], and when she gets home, it's like, we really miss each other still, kahit isang araw lang [even if it's only been a day]."

Nadine Lustre and James Reid Living Together: What Does Nadine Have To Say?

James was perfectly candid and casual about their living situation, but Nadine still hasn't confirmed the news.

"Bakit mo ba tinatanong yan [Why are you asking that]?" Nadine said when asked by reporters at a press conference for her upcoming movie Ulan.

"My God, kayo na pong bahala diyan sumagot [you'll have to answer that yourself]," she told the media.

nadine lustre and james reid living together

It's not the first time that the question of Nadine Lustre and James Reid living together has hounded the couple. Back in 2017, Nadine instantly became a meme when she responded:

"I mean, if that was true, so what? Hindi ba?  [Right?] It's not new anymore. There are younger couples -- mas young pa sa akin [younger than me who are already living together]. It's normal na eh [already]. Come on, guys, it's 2017! ... I'm not gonna confirm, and I'm not gonna deny. But then, like, ano naman [so what]? Let's all just be open-minded."

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