My Underarms Are Very Black So I Tried These 5 Home-Remedies And Here's What Happened

My Underarms Are Very Black So I Tried These 5 Home-Remedies And Here's What Happened

Have you ever wondered why 'my underarms are very black?' We tell you the exact causes and the five home-based remedies to fix this problem.

I went out on picnic date with my girl friends once and was dressed in my newest plaid sleeveless dress. A day out like this definitely calls for some Instagram-worthy photos with the Marina Bay Sands as background. While browsing through the photographs of myself lifting my hands up to feel the warm sun rays and the billowing wind, I exclaimed silently inside me, “my underarms are very black!”

I was partly-annoyed at how I need to take the extra time to photo shop away those dark patches on my underarms, but also partly-curious as to why my underarms are so dark even though I shave them regularly.

Have you ever been in the same boat? If you have, here are 7 reasons why our underarms can appear darker than we want them to.

7 Reasons Why Underarms Turn Dark

1. Shaving

my underarms are very black

If you often wonder why ‘my underarms are very black,’ shaving could be one of the reasons. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

Why is it that we shave our underarms regularly but they still appear so black? When you shave your underarms, you are actually only cutting the hairs right below the surface of your underarm skin. If your hair is naturally dark, your underarms can appear to have a dark stain with those little hairs leftover from not shaving your underarms thoroughly.

2. Accumulation of dead skin cells

Your underarm skin can turn dark overtime because of the dead skin cells that accumulate in the uneven texture of your skin. So its best to give them a bit of TLC, but exfoliating and lathering them up with a de-tanning mask. 

3. Tight clothing

Are you one of those who likes wearing tank tops that are a size smaller so that you can look extra voluptuous?

Our armpits are sensitive areas that need extra care. But tight clothing can cause friction between the cloth and our underarm skin, resulting in discolouration.

4. Lifestyle habits

If you smoke regularly, you can develop a condition called Smoker’s Melanosis. The tobacco in your cigarettes can result in hyper-pigmentation. After consuming large dosages, you will be wondering to yourself “my underarms are very black!”

5. Bacterial infection

Sweating excessively can make your underarms an ideal home for bacteria to grow. Over time, this can cause chronic bacterial infection in the deeper layers of your skin, resulting in darker armpits. This may be the reason you’re often having to wonder ‘why my underarms are so black!’

6. Early diabetes

Those who have pre-diabetes have abnormal metabolism that can trigger the thickening of skin. Your underarms can appear darker than normal with thicker underarm skin. 

7. Irritation from shaving

If you are still thinking to yourself “my underarms are very black” and none of the above reasons seems to apply to you, this last reason may.

Shaving your underarm skin using a razor blade can be irritating for your skin. If you have naturally sensitive skin, you will be especially prone to an inflammatory reaction. This stimulates pigment making cells, thus resulting in heavily pigmented and dark underarms.

So how then do we remedy those dark patches under our arms and restore the original colour of our underarms? You can do so using these five easy, cheap and simple remedies. I tried these remedies on alternate days and lo and behind, saw results within a week. 

5 Home-Based Remedies For Dark Underarms

1. Use fresh aloe vera gel as a shaving gel

Aloe vera has healing, disinfecting and moisturising properties so it is the perfect solution to damaged and infected underarm skin. Some women are known to use aloe vera gel as a shaving gel and so can you!

Cut open some fresh aloe vera and scoop out a spoonful of clear aloe vera gel. Apply some of it to your armpits and start shaving away! The gel is slippery and moisturising, so it is ideal for shaving.

2. Turmeric coconut mask

Turmeric has a high content of antioxidants which can pull out those impurities from your underarm and lighten its dark colour. 

Mix some turmeric with coconut oil and apply it to clean underarms. Let it stay on for 20 minutes before rinsing with water. Do this daily and you will soon see that original colour of your underarms restored.

3. Gram flour mask

Another mask to throw away the thought “my arms are very black” is the gram flour mask. Create the mask by mixing two spoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, one spoon of milk, and one spoon of lemon juice. Apply it to your underarms, wait for a good 30 minutes, then rinse it off with water. 

Say goodbye to thinking “my arms are very black” and say hello to wearing sexy spaghetti straps.

4. Rub a slice of potato on your underarms

Potatoes have been the in-thing recently, with the phrase ‘couch potato’ describing those of us who love to cuddle up in our snuggly beds and not do anything except scroll through our Instagram feed for the yummiest ice-cream waffles in town.

Indeed, potatoes are the in-thing as they are beneficial for reversing underarm skin discolouration too. Cut a slice of potato and rub it under your arms daily. Remember to rinse your underarms with water afterwards and apply your favourite moisturiser!

5. Baking soda scrub

Finally, you can create a baking soda scrub by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water in a glass bowl. Massage it on your underarms for five minutes and leave it on for 25 minutes before rinsing off with water. Repeat this two to three times a week.

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Written by

Bernice Leong