Meet The Designer Whose Most Popular Handbags Look Like Food!

Meet The Designer Whose Most Popular Handbags Look Like Food!

Rommy Kuperus' most popular handbags are a very life-like form of almost every food you can think of.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that wearable art is now a thing. Celebrities are often seen donning bizarre outfits and wearing most popular handbags on the red carpets that are labelled "wearable art pieces."

In fact, galas are held each year to celebrate the artists who create these pieces and are attended by the biggest of names (including Beyonce y'all). And, there is even a competition.

No wonder then wearable art has become a staple on most red carpets. And that in turn is paving way for more artists to showcase their work.  

Case in point, Netherlands-based fashion designer Rommy Kuperus, aka Rommy de Bommey. The 27-year-old wearable art designer has been creating some of the most popular handbags off late.

Most Popular Handbags Look Like Food!

In fact, she has taken the wearable art trend a step further. Her handbags, earrings and accessories are a very life-like form of almost every food you can think of.

Her quirky handbags that are available on Etsy, range from cheese cakes to noodles to oreos, to rotisserie chicken, English breakfast, Nutella jars, fries, pizza, bubblegum and even a 'healthy' plate of salad. 

On her website Rommy says, "My designs are full of energy, a complete colour explosion with sense of humour. I like to look at products in a different way and go against the rules, because that will create that unique product." 

She also adds, "All of my products are 100% handmade. They should be worn with love and lots of care. It is a real piece of art! My products are perfect for special occasions, please do not wear them on rainy days. Keep away from children (It’s not a toy)."

Rommy's designs take anywhere between two weeks and two months depending on what you are ordering and she ships them worldwide. Which means you can get your hands on her artwork sitting at home in Singapore. 

She takes about two to four weeks to design her clutches. While the large purses can cost anywhere between S$170 and S$360. The clutches can cost anything between S$170 and S$310. 

While these may seem pricey, they are also handmade and one-of-a-kind. So you can certainly count them as a collector's item. If you are a true art lover and collector of the most popular handbags or the most quirky ones, perhaps you'll love Rommy's artwork. 

Some of her most popular handbags as well as her regular collection is all posted on her Instagram page as well.

Rommy's Most Popular Handbags You Need In Your Closet!

1. The little teabag for the tea lovers.

2. The noodle purse for those who love a bit of quirk in their wardrobe.

3. The roast chicken bag for those who love to stand out.

4. The sushi box purse for those who love sushi. Simple. 

5. The ramen noodle purse for the ramen addicts.

6. The cinnamon roll purse for the sweeties. 

7. The pancake purse for those who love beige food. 

8. The fish and chips purse for the English gals.

9. The cauliflower purse for the healthy vegan types. 

These were just a few of our favourites from Rommy's collection and we are sure you're just as amazed by them as we are.

If you have something similar or love to try our wearable art, share your photographs in the Comments section below.  

(Feature & lead image courtesy: Instagram/Rommydebommy)

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Deepshikha Punj