THIS Is The Most Common Fantasy Of A Married Woman

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Women have become more verbal about their desires and one study has even found the most common fantasy of a married woman

We live in a post-Fifty Shades era where sexual fantasies are more openly discussed and in many cases, practiced too. Taboos are finally eroding and couples are learning the art of sexual communication. Thanks to these changing times, women have become more verbal about their desires and one study has even found the most common fantasy of a married woman. 

THE Most Common Fantasy Of A Married Woman

As per the research titled ‘What Exactly Is an Unusual Sexual Fantasy?’ the most common fantasy of a married woman or women in general is — submission and dominance.

In their paper, the researchers shared that “Submission and domination themes were not only common for both men and women, but they were also significantly related to each other.” 

They also found seven other common sexual fantasies of women. So if you’re married and haven’t been able to share your sexual fantasy with your husband still, its time to come out and share your desires openly.

Scroll down to see which one is on your list and which ones you’ve already ticked off. Either way, it’s totally normal. 

7 Most Common Fantasies Of A Married Woman 

Sexual fantasies are completely natural and allow us to explore our sexuality. But more often than not, we refrain from sharing them with anybody, including our partners. However, these fantasies are extremely common and in case you feel shy to share them, know that you are not alone in wanting them. 

1. Oral sex

Giving or receiving head is one of the top fantasies of a married woman. While this is not a very “out there” act, it is still not your conventional missionary position and is viewed differently by different people.

Some women consider it to be a submissive position, while others feel pampered to take what’s there’s. There are also those who secretly want it, but refrain from going ahead because…OCD!

Either way, if this has been on your list its certainly something you need to try before you completely dismiss it. 

2. Infidelity 

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the idea of being with somebody other than your partner may excite you. It could be the danger of getting caught or the newness of a new connection.

But as with most fantasies, have one doesn’t mean you need to act on it. And if you do, make sure to explore the ethical non-monogamy factor in your own relationship first. 

3. Dominance 

most common fantasy of a married woman

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Over the many years you’ve lived with your husband, perhaps he’s been the one to initiate sex. Or perhaps he’s been the one taking control each time. So there is a chance that you fantasise about being the one in-charge for a change. 

It can be incredibly hot to call the shots in the bedroom, especially since we still live a world that systematically tries to strip us off our powers both inside and outside the bedroom. 

4. Bondage 

From ribbons to ties à la Christian Grey, to ropes and cuffs, many women find bondage extremely hot. Being unable to move or being restricted while your partner pleasures himself or you can be both painful and pleasurable. 

But do your research on it before you start tying yourself or your partner into ropes you can’t get out. Some might find this act claustrophobic or traumatising, so communicate with your partner before you go ahead. 

5. Exhibitionism 

Your partner might be used to seeing you in certain types of clothes. But when you get out of your comfort zone and try something suggestive unexpectedly, you can certainly turn the heat on in your bedroom. 

Maybe you’ve fantasised stripping for your partner or teasing them by masturbating in front of them. Whatever your exhibitonist fantasy, try it. 

6. Roleplay 

This is perhaps one of the most common fantasy of a married women. After years of living with the same person and indulging in the act in the same way, a sense of routine kicks in. But you can spice your love life with roleplay. 

It may have already been in your list of fantasies and if so, there is no better time than now to try it. Play the sex kitten, slutty nurse or the boss and secretary, there is a lot to explore.  

7. Romantic sex  

This may seem strange at first, but lets be honest, once you get married, sex becomes and feels more like a chore. You have to work on making it hotter. And what better way than to infuse a bit of romance into your bedroom. 

If you like roses and champagne, lay them out before you go to bed. Gaze into your partner’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings in his ears. Gently caress his body and slow down your movements. No matter the manifestation, reconnect with the partner you’ve been banging. 

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