Miss Vietnam's National Costume Takes The Cake errr The Baguette

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The Miss Vietnam national costume was both innovative and strange

The national costume segment at the Miss Universe pageant has for years been one of the main attractions of the show. Each year, Miss Universe winners put on display their culture and traditions through their outfits. This year was no different, except for the Miss Vietnam national costume surprise.   

At the national costume segment, held in Bangkok, Thailand, Miss Vietnam 2018, H'Hen Nie, strutted on stage in a rather wacky costume.

She chose to represent her culture and country through banh mi, a popular Vietnamese baguette sandwich. Yes, you read that right!   

The Miss Vietnam National Costume Shocker

The leggy lass used social media to share images and videos of herself wearing the 'national costume.'

The crazy costume has several baguettes sown together with meat and vegetable. Interestingly, this dress was chosen among stranger contenders including lanterns and dragons.  

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"Whether you go to the poorest areas of the North and Central Highlands, or the most exquisite places of HCM (Ho Chi Minh) City and Hanoi, you will find the presence of bread. For foreigners, seeing banh mi and pho (noodles) they will think of Vietnam," Nie told Vietnam News

As is the case with anything out of the ordinary, this dress—designed by local Vietnamese designer Pham Phuoc Dien—also drew the ire of angry netizens as well applause from innovators. 

Thuy Le, one supporter told local news: "I love the idea and the dress, it's impressive and different. That costume well reminds everyone of Vietnamese tradition. I believe we can win the prize."

But if you thought this was the only wacky national costume this year, you'd be wrong. Miss Singapore also posed a competition to Nie. 

Miss Vietnam National Costume Not The Only Crazy One!

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Miss Universe Singapore 2018, Zahra Khanum, wore a costume that represented a significant political event in her country—the historic US and North Korean summit. 

Her dress, designed by Moe Kasim, shows two hands (presumably of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un). The dress "consists of 3m-long white dove wings, a peace symbol incorporated into the bodice and an electric blue skirt emblazoned with a digital print of a handshake - one arm features the North Korean flag and the other, the American flag - over the Singapore skyline," reports The Strait Times

"It truly did embody the essence of world peace"

Talking about the dress, Khanum, 24, spoke The New Paper. He said, "My first impression of the costume was that it looked absolutely angelic and it truly did embody the essence of world peace."

"It had a very serene and calming effect," she added

The dress that was first revealed in The New Paper that also carried Kasim's interview where he revealed, "The toughest part was bringing out the message tastefully through design. I had to consider the political sensitivities and what it all meant to Singapore and to the world community... without (creating) any misinterpretation."

"And as the summit was about making peace, it was only natural to go with the World Peace theme," added Kasim. The designed was responsible for designing the national costume for the third consecutive year. 

The Miss Vietnam national costume surprise as well as that of Miss Singapore's is simply the beginning. As more contestants begin to reveal their national costumes, this segment is bound to get more interesting.

And we'll be keeping a close watch as this segment nears its end to culminate into the Miss Universe 2018, the 67th edition of the international pageant. It is slated be held on December 17, at the Muang Thong Thani complex in Nonthaburi, Thailand. 

Source: The Strait Times

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