Miss USA, Australia, And Colombia Face Backlash After "Mocking" Non-English-Speaking Contestants

Miss USA, Australia, And Colombia Face Backlash After "Mocking" Non-English-Speaking ContestantsMiss USA, Australia, And Colombia Face Backlash After "Mocking" Non-English-Speaking Contestants

Welp, there go their chances of getting the Miss Congeniality title.

A Miss USA racist video has gotten pageant-watchers all fired up — here's what you need to know about the latest Miss Universe 2018 controversy.

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers is getting a lot of flak for a video posted earlier this week. In the video, she seems to be mocking fellow Miss Universe candidates Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia for not knowing how to speak English.

The video, which was shot on Instagram Live, had Sarah hanging out with Miss Colombia Valeria Morales and Miss Australia Francesca Hung.

"What do you think of Miss Vietnam?" Summers asked the other two girls, who gushed about H'hien Nie, calling her "cute" and "fashionable".

Summers could've stopped there, but then she continues: "She's so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes [makes nodding gesture with a blank smile]."

The other girls laughed, calling Nie "cute" and "adorable".

Later in the Instagram Live, Summers brought up Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat, talking about how she can't speak any English either.

"Miss Cambodia is here and doesn't speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language. Can you imagine?" she asked incredulously. "Francesca said that would be so isolating and I said yes and just confusing all the time."

After agreeing with Summers' observation and naming a few other contestants who don't speak English (Miss Brazil, Miss Angola), Summers simply says, "Poor Cambodia."

Watch the video here:

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It didn't take long for the video to circulate and the three contestants soon got their fair share of internet hate. 

Miss USA racist video: Sarah Rose Summers apologises

Summers has apologised for her remarks, writing on her Instagram: "Miss Universe is an opportunity for women from around the world to learn about each other’s cultures, life experiences, and views. We all come from different backgrounds and can grow alongside one another.

"In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realize can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologize. My life, friendships, and career revolve around me being a compassionate and empathetic woman. I would never intend to hurt another. I am grateful for opportunities to speak with Nat, Miss Cambodia, and H’Hen, Miss Vietnam, directly about this experience. These are the moments that matter most to me."

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Hung also posted a photo of the five contestants together, simply captioning the photo with a heart emoji.

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According to the Miss Universe website, the beauty pageant is "built on a foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity".

What do you think of the Miss USA racist video controversy?

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