The Messy Power Bun Is Back Thanks To Meghan Markle

The Messy Power Bun Is Back Thanks To Meghan Markle

Is the messy power bun the new 'go-to' hairdo for Millennials who don't believe in following the rules?

Meghan Markle's messy power bun seems to have become her go-to hairstyle. Since her first public appearance with Prince Harry in January, up until her royal wedding, Markle, the now Duchess of Sussex has sported this relaxed yet polished do.

Given her own escalated celebrity status, it's no surprise that her messy power bun has also become a celebrity in its own right.

But as is true for anything that's in the public eye, her signature hairstyle has also unwittingly become open to scrutiny. While some have touted it "lazy," others are more than happy to see something "relatable AF," and even "revolutionary."  

Thankfully, all this debate hasn't stopped Markle from wearing it, even though it maybe a bit out of line of the Royal styling order. So is the messy power bun the new 'go-to' for Millennials who don't believe in following the rules?

It might as well be. 

The Messy Power Bun Is A Total 'Power' Move! 

For centuries, the British Royal family has adhered to strict rules about their dressing style, only altering it on special occasions to respect cultural sensibilities. And even then, most of the female British Royal family members stick to what they know best- clean, polished and almost office-like hairstyles.

But not, Markle. 

Her loose tendrils and that messy power bun has been making a strong statement. And, we are not surprised. 

As sociologist, image consultant, and personal style guru Dr. Anna Akbari, tells Elle, "I would say it’s no different than distressed or ripped jeans where there’s a sort of strategic messing-up that might make it look old or look cool—it’s in the same vein."

She adds that while it looks disheveled, it is in fact, well-done and most certainly by a professional. "My guess is it took more than it does when you put your hair in a messy bun to go to a workout class. It is not a half-ass messy bun."

The sociologist also told the glossy that the former Suits actor has strategically chosen to reflect a more relaxed yet professional side of her through the famous do. Simply put, she is infusing some 'cool' into Royalty. 

"The way we communicate is a full-spectrum, multi-sensory communication. Bottom line—[Markle is] aware she's sending signals. I don't think anything that she's doing is haphazard" said Akbari of her now signature hairdo.

Meghan's Message Is Loud And Clear: She Is Her Own Person 

The expert also suggested that one of the other reasons for Markle to create this look for her is to provide a bit of refreshment as well as create her own persona. Given that she is the newest granddaughter-in-law, comparison with the other famous granddaughter-in-law are inevitable. 

So what's the solution? Create your own identity and work on it. And Akbari says that's precisely what Markle seems to be doing. 

"I would believe that this may be Markle's way of saying, 'If I'm not going to beat her at her own game, I might as well win in my own'," she explains.

Adding, that while the messy power bun itself screams 'non-conservative,' the position is somewhat reflective of her nod to the rules of Royalty. 

Akbari noted that the position of Markle's messy power bun was "inherently more conservative—it's a sort of nod to tradition and then a slight subversion of it." And the Duchess of Sussex's first public appearance as a married woman might just have blown the lid of it. The gorgeous former television actor sported a more polished chignon instead of her signature messy power bun as she attended father-in-law, the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday celebrations. 

But that is just be a one off incident. Markle was back to her signature look in no time.

Only time will tell if Meghan truly is the Millennials' princess who creates her own rules or somebody who gives up and submits completely to the centuries old system. 

Either way, we'll be watching the Duchess of style very closely!

(Feature & lead image courtesy: Instagram)

Written by

Deepshikha Punj