Meghan Markle Is Officially The Queen Of Great Hair Day

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Meghan Markle hairstyles are perfect for girls who mean business, but aren't afraid to let loose

The newly-minted Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been making all the right noises ever since she became a member of the British royal family. A self-starter, the 37-year-old former actor is known for her affable personality, oratory skills, and philanthropic work. But there is one aspect of this soon-to-be-mum that most people cannot help but fall in love with— her impeccable style.

From clothes and jewels to Meghan Markle hairstyles, fans across the world are obsessed with her. In fact, some even have dedicate social media pages on how to look like her. Its safe to then say that she is a fashion icon in her own right who has been making her own rules. She loves to experiment with outfits and loves to put her own spin, especially on her hairstyle. 

She brought the messy bun back in fashion and is now paving way for a more relaxed look, which honestly, we are living for. Her modern hairstyles for a women who means business but is not afraid to let loose is a reflection of the millennial BYOB take centrestage.

7 Meghan Markle Hairstyles You Can Cop Easily

Here are some of our top favourite Meghan Markle hairstyles that are easy to cop and are perfect for any busy #GirlBoss on the go.  

1. Low bun with loose curls

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Markle knows exactly how to accentuate her breathtaking facial features and her favourite go to is a low bun with loose curls. This type of hairstyle gives off the illusion of a thinner and elongated face, even though Markle's face is broad and robust. 

The low bun ensures a touch a femininity and lends smartness to her outfits, and the middle parting frames her face to give it an elongated effect. For all those who have a face shape similar to that of Markle, this hairstyle should be your go-to, especially if you love wearing midi dresses. 

2. Low big waves with middle parting 

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A middle parting creates the illusion of an elongated oval face, even if you do not have one. That's exactly what Markle does with hers. But what makes it even more graceful are her voluminous curls. To achieve this look, first part your hair in the middle and take a section from the crown and clip it up.

Now, using a thick-barrelled curler, begin curling your hair in small sections, but away from your face. You don't have to be super neat, just make sure you add a bit of volume to the ends. Once that's done, let the crown area loose and add a few curls at the bottom. And to add a bit of volume to your crown, use a texturising spray. 

3. Simple sleek ponytail

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Markle does love putting her hair back for a more casual and smart look and that's  exactly what she did on her recent visit to Australia. She first added a bit of volume to the crown and then tied her hair back in a sleek ponytail. 

To achieve this look, follow he same first two steps as hers and add some volume to your crown and tie your hair back in a low sleek ponytail. Next, take a small section of the tied hair and wrap it around your hairband, pin the hair with bobby pins and viola! The Duchess pony (no pun intended). 

4. Voluminous curls with low bun

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All busy girl bosses know the importance of looking put together for more formal events, especially when it comes to hair. And there is no better inspiration than Meghan Markle hairstyles. 

Although it is a sleek bun, what makes it different from the others she's worn before are the curls and the volume on her crown. To achieve this look, add big chunky curls at the bottom of your hair, which you can get with thick-barrelled curler and even sleep-in hair rollers. Curl the hair that you want to fall in the front, towards the back. 

Loosely tie the hair in a bun, you can use bobby pins for the purpose, and let those in the front hang softly. You can tease the crown area if you wish to add more volume and even pull up a few chunks after you've tied the hair. 

5. Straight and sleek 

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When you don't have much time the best way to sort out your hair is to straighten it sleek. Although we are sure Markle was rushing to the event, but she did give us major hair inspo with her straight and sleek hair. It helps if you've got layers in just like the newly-minted Duchess. 

But in order to achieve the exact same look, you'll have to add volume at the crown. Markle often uses this trick to make her face look smaller and slimmer. And adding volume to your crown also makes the entire hairstyle look well put together. 

6. Side-swept waves 

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Meghan Markle hairstyles might be royal, but she is still a very simple girl at heart. Her look is always chic and well-put together but she manages to add a touch of simplicity with her accessories and hair. But this look was not about that. 

This look seemed royally approved (see what we did there) but with a touch of casualness a'la Markle style. The gorgeous side-swept waves added sophistication and elegance to her outlook and were complimentary to her fascinator. This look is perfect for those who love to wear off-shoulder dresses and tops as it shows off neatly done curls and your sexy collar bone.

To achieve this look, use a thick-barrelled curler and let your hair fall naturally. 

7. Super sleek bun 

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Markle is definitely bringing the messy bun back, but she is also bringing the sleek bun back. case in point her recent visit with hubby Prince Harry. She means business when she out and about and this bun is all about that.

Lucky for us, this is the easiest look and can be achieved fairly quickly. You literally have to pull your hair back (with a middle parting) and put them up in a low bun. You can even tie a pony tail and progress from there on. There is no volume and no ned for any accessories in this one and we love this no-fuss look. 

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