9 Reasons Why We Absolutely Adore Maymay Entrata

9 Reasons Why We Absolutely Adore Maymay Entrata9 Reasons Why We Absolutely Adore Maymay Entrata

She's so much more than just another pretty face.

Maymay Entrata is easily one of the fastest rising young celebs in Filipino showbiz, and for good reason: she's talented, beautiful, humble, and absolutely charming. Here are some facts about the actress-singer-model that you should know, from Maymay Entrata height to her favourite things.

Maymay Entrata Height, Weight, Age, Favourites, Biography, Etc.

1. She's a proud Bisaya.

Marydale "Maymay" Entrata was born in Camiguin and raised in Cagayan de Oro.

She's proud of where she came from, and even told her best friend that they should still continue to talk to each other in Bisaya "para hindi mawala kung sino ako dati [so I don't lose sight of my old self]", she told ABS-CBN.

2. She's always wanted to be an actress.

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Ever since she was 14, Maymay auditioned for several reality TV shows, including Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, Pinoy Big Brother: 737, The Voice, and Pilipinas Got Talent.

It would take her five years to make it on a TV show, appearing on (and winning in) the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 when she was 19.

3. She loves to eat.

With her slim frame (Maymay Entrata height is 1.68 m or 5'5"), one wouldn't think that Maymay would have a huge appetite, but in an interview with ABS-CBN, her onscreen partner Edward Barber revealed that she loves raiding his fridge.

Perhaps her secret to her figure lies in her preference for leafy greens — Maymay's favourite foods include vegetable soup and salad.

4. She remembers to give back.

Along with Edward , his sister Laura, and his father Kevin, Maymay founded ELM Tree Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that aims to help disadvantaged groups by working with existing projects.

5. She's super quirky

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Anyone who's watched Maymay, whether on Pinoy Big Brother (where she was discovered, just in case you didn't know) or on interviews and guest appearances, knows that she's really fun-loving and entertaining to watch. 

She's acted in some heavy drama shows, but says that she prefers playing light-hearted roles as they come more naturally to her.

6. Pre-fame, she didn't have the easiest life.

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  “Let your light shine before others.” . . (Matt. 5:16) - Nakakaiyak lang isipin na dati pinapangarap ko lang ang nararamdaman kong to. Yung tipong pag iniisip mo sya kay hirap na abutin pero minsan pala pag pinabayaan mo lang at marunong maghintay sa tamang panahon kung para sayo talaga ibibigay sayo. Shempre sa likod ng natamo ko sa lahat ng to pinapasalamatan ko ang Panginoon, sa mga taong naging dahilan at tulay ng aking tagumpay Ms. @furneamato Sir @josh_yugen Entrata& Barcelona Family @entratalorna @vincentdal3 @edward_barber @cntpatricia_ @nik.gonzales @lauraanika tita Cathy Tito Kevs @pbbabscbntv Family, @starmagicphils Fam, @starcinema Fam, @dreamscapeph Fam, Team May & Ed Fam, Mayward Family at sa lahat ng sumuporta at nag bigay puri maraming maraming salamat po dahil sa inyong lahat mas naging matatag ako at pumiling lumaban upang lakarin ang daan patungo sa pangarap. Mapamilya ko at buong Pilipinas, Salamat po ???❤️

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Maymay was raised by her grandparents, as her father left her family when she was a toddler and her mother worked in Japan.

When she joined Pinoy Big Brother, Maymay was a junior at Mindanao University of Science and Technology on a scholarship.

Her major, BS Technology Communication Management, is one of the school's most demanding courses, and Maymay would often wake up at 3 am to study and do schoolwork before her classes and extracurriculars, which would run until 9 pm, sometimes as late as midnight.

Maymay didn't have a lot of money to spare back in college, and would enter in competitive fashion shows for extra cash. "You get a prize from those contests, even if you don't win," she explained to ABS-CBN, saying that the other contestants would join the shows with their own designers and trainers.

"I just watched YouTube videos and copied the professionals from there," she said. "I'd just practise my walk in my room."

Maymay's come a long way from those days of perfecting her walk in her boarding house. In November 2018, she got the distinction of being the first Filipina model to walk at Arab Fashion Week.

7. She spends her money on experiences.

Maymay loves to travel — her favourite destinations are New York, Australia, Korea, and Paris.

8. She's extremely grateful for her current life

"It's like I'm in a fairytale," she told Inside Showbiz in March 2017, adding that she feels like Cinderella. "I really appreciate what the Lord has given me. I feel so blessed and lucky. I keep telling myself that I might be the luckiest person in the world."

9. She's hard-working.

Maymay's not letting herself get complacent now that she's one of the most in-demand celebrities in Filipino showbiz. "I really want to enhance my talents," she told Metro Style in an interview. "You're born with talents, but it's up to you whether or not you hone them."

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