OMG! Deadly Massage Parlour Infection Leaves 20 Badly Affected 

OMG! Deadly Massage Parlour Infection Leaves 20 Badly Affected OMG! Deadly Massage Parlour Infection Leaves 20 Badly Affected 

Most victims of the massage parlour infection had to undergo surgery to get rid of the affected area

In an incident that can best be described as horrifying, a massage parlour infection reportedly left more than 20 customers in Kuala Lumpur with a serious bacterial infection. 

According to Oriental Daily, the 20 incidents were reported from June 2018 onwards. 

KL Massage Parlour Infection Fiasco Leaves 20 Badly Affected 


Image courtesy: Screengrab/ Oriental News

At a recent press conference, seven out of 20 victims brought along their medical reports. They shared their frustrations with both members of the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall (KLCAH) and the director of Malaysia’s Public Service Department, Xue Fufeng.

KLCAH has agreed to carry out investigations with relevant authorities via the submitted police and medical reports. The public can expect another press conference soon for further updates.

Massage Parlour Infection Worsened By Resistance to Commonly-Used Antibiotics

According to the medical reports, at least four customers contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This is a strain of ‘super bacteria’ that can infect through skin contact, or through touching items like towels containing the bacteria.

Due to its resistance to commonly-used antibiotics, the condition causes skin infections that are difficult to treat. MRSA could even lead to multiple infections of surgical wounds, lungs, urinary tract, as well as the bloodstream.

The highly-contagious and severe nature of MRSA has resulted in most of the victims going through surgery to get rid of the infected areas, with some still under hospital quarantine.

The 20 Odd Victims To Receive Immediate Surgery 

Tips To Find Out If The Massage Parlour Is Safe 

The traumatic incident has no doubt affected many involved, and is a wake-up call to anyone ever thinking of setting foot into a massage parlour ever again. So here are some tips to consider next time you decide to make a visit down to one!

1. Google for reviews

Obviously, in the age of the internet, one of the best ways to gauge the cleanliness of a massage parlour you must search online for reviews. To ensure safety and peace of mind, check online reviews for any red flags and also call them up to clarify doubts you may have before booking a session.

2. Ask around

Your friends and family are probably the most trustworthy sources to fall back on. Ask them for previous experiences when they visited certain massage parlours. Ask for anything that sticks out that is worth sharing with you. Sometimes, they might have a nugget or two that you would not have uncovered otherwise.

3. Visit it yourself

Go down and visit the venue first-hand if you prefer to find out directly. Perhaps, they might even allow a mini-tour of sorts. This way you can get familiar with the facilities and feel safe enough to try a session out. 

4. Interview the staff

You can consider asking the staff members working at the massage parlour. You can trust that they will be honest enough to assure of a positive experience, or not. 

5. Ask for a trial session

If all else fails, try going for a trial session first before committing to paying the full amount. This will help minimise the feeling of buyer’s remorse if you happen to hate the experience. 

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