Did Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Movement Inspire You To Clear Out Your Closet? Here Are 5 Best Ways To Do It

Did Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Movement Inspire You To Clear Out Your Closet? Here Are 5 Best Ways To Do ItDid Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Movement Inspire You To Clear Out Your Closet? Here Are 5 Best Ways To Do It

The Japanese organising consultant has single-handedly jumpstarted a 'tidying up' movement with her Marie Kondo folding method

Fans of episodes of Hoarders and Marie Kondo must be pleased to know that both obsessions are finally culminating into a Netflix series named Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. The Japanese organising consultant has single-handedly jumpstarted a 'tidying up' movement and inspired many others around the world to get their house in order. Thanks to Netflix, now you can also learn the Marie Kondo folding method and become a pro yourself.

Its simple really. All you need to do is clear out half your wardrobe, dump it all on the floor. And then ask yourself, "Doe this item of clothing spark joy?”

The rest will have to go and sent off either for donation, or you can even choose to make an extra buck out of the clutter. Simple, isn't it.

But how did Marie Kondo come about this method? Here's all the scoop you wanted to know. 

Konmari Method Or Marie Kondo Folding Method Is All The Rage  

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Kondo has helped people around the world to declutter their houses, as well as make a significant impact on the way one folds and stores clothes.

Also known as the Konmari Method, its a method of folding clothes. It can keep countless drawers and closet spaces uncluttered and organised. So much so that its always possible to find necessary clothing items among the mess. 

She also suggests products where you can store your clothes and sprays that can keep them fresh all day. While you may not be able to grab the exact item, we can help you pick up something similar. 

Where To Get Kondo Method Folding Boxes?

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You can take a cue from Kondo and lessen the mess in drawers, by adding some SKUBB boxes found in IKEA, and ensure the items of clothing stay folded nicely.

Muji also has great options for space-efficient drawer-type storage boxes, that are great for bulky items. The compact size also allows for efficient use of small spaces.

To protect and maintain the state of the items, you can even try using the Day2 Dry Wash Spray. It will help keep your clothes clean and fresh.

With these storage facilities in place and the spray in order as well, you are all set to follow the Kondo folding method. But wait, there's more. Just a few more things you can takeaway to make your wardrobe look chic, stylish and super organised. 

Top 5 Takeaways From Marie Kondo Folding Method

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No more waiting for your next spring cleaning session. You can now adult, become a true 21st century fashionista, and learn how to tidy up with Marie Kondo!

Instead of dumping clothes away without a thought, here are some other earth-friendly alternatives to clear out the closet from donating to reselling, even making some extra cash along the way.

1. Sell unwanted items

Mostly popular in the United States, people sell their unwanted clothing items to secondhand shops, and platforms like online thrift store ThredUp, which allows one to earn some cash for your quality junk.

Or try secondhand sales for affordable items through apps like Poshmark, Tradesy, and eBay. Or, secondhand online rental luxury consignment store Covetella for luxury items, and Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal for the United States.

2. Try swap meets

For items you do not want yet cannot sell, swapping is another way to extend the shelf life of your beloved garments, while saving your wallet from bleeding. Perhaps it might even find a new home among your friends!

3. Upcycle or fix the damaged pieces you stopped loving long time ago.

 The concept of using a tailor to alter or fix a clothing item may sound like world's away from the constant demand for newness from millennials. But it is becoming trendy as most are looking to make an impact on the environment as they make their purchases.

4. Recycle items that cannot sell or be upcycled

Many are not aware of the right ways to recycle textiles, which include items like old T-shirts, towels, and sheets. But it is possible to do it the right way. For instance, TerraCycle allows a zero-waste solution for fabrics and clothing. A box is given for filling up any textile or fabric-based products including clothing for recycling. Generally, natural textiles like wool, cotton, and linen are easier to recycle.

5. Just donate

Major nonprofit organisations like Salvation Army and donation centres are common places that often receive large amounts of unwanted clothes that cannot find another buyer.

They will gladly accept your bags of items ranging from clothing to home goods, as long as they are in good condition. When piling them up all together, also consider if a particular charity might benefit from them.

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