Check In With The Stars: Your March 2019 Horoscope

Check In With The Stars: Your March 2019 HoroscopeCheck In With The Stars: Your March 2019 Horoscope

Find out what the stars have in store for you in your March horoscope.

The first mercury retrograde of 2019 comes along this month, from the 5thto the 28th. Your March 2019 horoscope may or may not focus on this phenomenon—even then it's important to understand what it means. Many people dread mercury retrograde for the alleged upheaval it brings to areas of communication and tech. But we don’t give enough attention to how this time of the astrological calendar is the perfect time to review and reassess our lives. With the retrograde in Pisces, it’s time to go back to our dreams for ourselves and figure out whether they still hold our truth or not.


Venus-Uranus square can have you feeling constricted and restricted as the month kicks off. Don’t let this set off your legendary temper and itch to break free. Take a breath and a yoga class while you’re at it. As the month ends, you’ll feel the world let up and make concessions for all your crazy ideas. Your March 2019 horoscope wants you to take it easy and tame your incessant fire.

Style tip: Mix coverage and bearing some skin—go for long sleeves on top and a daring high hem on the bottom.


This is not the time to make any rash career decisions—this may come as a relief to you, Taurus, since the stars do know you like to take your time figuring things out. With a Mercury retrograde in Pisces from March 5 to 28, it’ll be time to reflect and be introspective instead of making huge moves.

Style tip: Shop your closet. That mock neck top you’ve had since high school now counts as vintage.


Love could be the last thing on your mind right now, but the Mars-Pluto trine on March 20 could give you an unexpected surprise. For once, don’t revert to texting your girl friends WhatsApp group once you meet your potential person. Trust your instincts instead and just go with it. Your March 2019 horoscope lesson? Whatever happens happens.

Style tip: Dress according to the weather, climate change and all. Sync up to summer and pull those sunnies out.


Hook ups get hot and heavy this month, Cancer. With Venus in Aquarius, your friskiness will be matched by whomever you’re seeing. Just take care not to go full-on Cancer on your current partner and bare your soul after one night or two. It will always serve you to guard your heart, even just a little bit.

Style tip: When was the last time you treated yourself to some bling? Highlight your décolletage with a new necklace.


We’ve got mercury retrograde in Pisces for most of the month (March 5thto 28th) and it sits right at your house of intimacy. Lines may be crossed between you and your partner—watch any anger and bitterness that may be rising up to the surface. Your March 2019 horoscope wants you to cool that hot head of yours and wait it out. Hold your tongue. Caution is the rule.

Style tip: Channel all that pent-up energy in a chili pepper shade lippie instead.


You may think that you may finallybe ready for a fling or a—gasp—one-night stand, but old habits die hard Virgo. While Venus in Aquarius may bring you steamy romance, your tendency to want more commitment and make it something real could definitely kick in eventually. Don’t apologize for what you want and deserve in love.

Style tip: If your partner won’t put a ring on it, do it yourself. Put a ring on your finger—on all of them if you want to!


It might be tough to pull your head out of the water, especially when Mars-Pluto trine on March 20 makes you all crazy love-obsessed. The Pisces new moon at the start of the month, however, brings with it a career focus like you’ve never experienced before. Perhaps this time around, it’s more important to go head over heart.

Style tip: Hats off to you—add some dimension to any outfit with some seasonally appropriate headwear.


Mercury and Neptune get together on March 24th, which could mean you’ve got your rose-colored glasses on when it comes to someone you’re dating. But the mercury retrograde happening simultaneously could mean your head’s not exactly in the right place and you could be kissing a frog, not a prince.

Style tip: Dress that mental confusion away with a monochrome outfit that keeps your style simple and minimalist.


You can justify your itch to explore all you want, but cheating on your partner is never a good thing. If Venus-Uranus square at the beginning of the month has your head turned by anyone other than who you’re with, give yourself a mental shake. Whatever good thing you’ve got going isn’t worth your burst of impulsiveness. Your March 2019 horoscope asks you to err on the side of caution.

Style tip: When was the last time your arm candy involved an old-fashioned watch? Incorporate a timepiece into your accessory wardrobe so you can give yourself checks.


We know you’re all about efficiency, but sometimes “wasting” time on nonsense conversations with someone you’re deeply attuned to is all the productivity you need. Venus is in Pisces for a little over a month starting March 26—let yourself loose and give yourself some space for intense communication with the object of your affection. Your March 2019 horoscope asks you to be kind to yourself and live a little.

Style tip: Spice things up with a bright, orangey shade of red on your lips.


You let your mouth run off with your thoughts way too often and this month is no exception. When engaging with your partner or someone important to you, make sure that you’re able to process your thoughts first before speaking loudly. You don’t want to make any slip-ups you can’t take back.

Style tip: Bring your bold and daring self to your wardrobe instead. Wear something off kilter, like chunky trainers you know everyone will be stopping and staring at.

Check In With The Stars: Your March 2019 Horoscope

Venus is in Aquarius for most of the month (March 1stto 26th), and it’ll seem like the Universe is enabling all your ultimate romantic fantasies. If you get a leave off work, go ahead and book that beach holiday you’ve been eyeing forever. The reality check will come soon enough. For now, indulge.

Style tip: That designer shoulder bag you’ve been eyeing may cost you a pretty penny, but the cost per wear will be so worth it.

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